Fashion Month Takeaways

If you’re at all clued into the fashion world - or, let’s be realistic, if you were browsing this blog and chose to click on this article - then you’re well aware that we’re coming to the end of what is referred to as “Fashion Month”. This happens twice a year, once in February for …

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What to Expect for the Summer

Despite the snow earlier this week, spring is upon us, and summer is close behind. While everyone has been busy prepping for exams, the trends have come out for the fast approaching warm weather. No matter what you have going on once school ends – internships, jobs, vacation, or just free time – check out …

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Turning Fashion On Its Head At Paris Fashion Week….

After marvelling at the numerous delights that Paris Fashion Week had to offer, (and now quietly counting down the days until the next) there seemed to be a common theme that many designers explored this season: headwear, very bizarre headwear. Rick Owens featured headgear that added height and an air of industrialism; the large rectangular …

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