Chunky Sneakers: I Like Them

It is the year 2002. I mean, 2020. The higher the platform soles on your sneakers, the closer you are to God. This is a trend that has been ridiculed by many for trying to make fashionable “orthopedic” or “dad” sneakers, and yet for every hater there is a chunky-shoe-wearer persevering. 

I, personally, am a supporter of the chunky sneaker trend. I bought my own first pair approximately two years ago, when they were just beginning to become popular. My first day wearing them was akin to being the protagonist of an old-timey play with a Greek chorus, except all the Greek chorus said was “haha you bought chunky Filas.” My mother sagely contributed the observation that Filas must be “back.” Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a person who has been unflatteringly described as a “quirky hipster….” (don’t ask). Besides, I’ve now graduated to Buffalos.



So, do I have a rationale for liking chunky shoes other than mildly irritating defensiveness? Yes, actually. To start, they’re available in just about any color, and look good in white and black, making them versatile and easy to pair. Second, they are consistent with the larger Y2K revival trend, and thus consistent with the rest of my closet at the moment. Third, they are a great way to add height when heels are painful and/or impractical and/or overformal, as they almost always are. People seem to be shocked when I confess to them that I stand at the lowly height of five-foot-five, but all I can do is shrug, smile knowingly, and thank the three-inch-thick bricks strapped to the bottoms of my feet. 

Finally, the point that people seem to disagree with the most: I think chunky sneakers are flattering. You may think they make you look like a Clydesdale, but all I see is defined calves. I don’t exercise because I’m both lazy and unathletic, but if I did: goodbye, leg day!

That’s it for now. Stomp away.


Calla’s sneakers: Buffalo
Bella’s sneakers: Vagabond
Caitlin’s sneakers: Superga
Ollie’s sneakers: Nike


Words by Calla Selicious
Photos by Caitlin Vickers and Ollie Grimes

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