Quick Packing Tips for Winter Break

As I’m writing this, exam season is in full swing, and winter break is just around the corner. However, by the time this is posted, exams will have finished and many of us will either be home or on our way home. This begs the question: what should I pack? Much of the student population here at St Andrews includes international students as well, which complicates the question even more. Here are a few packing tips for the upcoming holidays:

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Most importantly: gifts for the family

Before you even start thinking of what to pack, lay out any gifts or souvenirs you bought intending to cart them all home for friends and family (especially if you’re an exchange student here for the semester!). As these are likely essentials, laying these out first will help you gage how much room you have left for everything else (clothes, shoes etc.). 

Take a big purse/backpack since they’re not weighed

Try to take a big purse, handbag or backpack and put your heaviest items in it. Only your suitcase is weighed, so save the heaviest things for your other carry-on bag as you won’t have to worry about how much that one weighs. 

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If you have ANY doubts — just don’t take it. 

Seriously — the amount of times I thought I would read that one book over Christmas break because “I have time” is ridiculous. Pack less than you want to. 9/10 times it will pay off as you will probably bring more stuff back from home to school once second semester starts again. Or, if you’re still indecisive, keep packing other stuff, and if still find yourself thinking about it, then take it. 

For clothes — take essentials. 

Try not to pack more than 3 outfits a week. Chances are much of your break will be spent relaxing and binge-watching the latest Netflix hit series, so you might wear the same thing a couple days in a row. Which is fine. No shame. 


Eva Ferguson

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