Instagram Accounts the Bloggers are Obsessing Over

It’s that time of the semester: seemingly over night, the days have become obnoxiously short (hi there, 4pm sunsets), students are wearing thermals under their sweats to keep heating bills low (I’ll admit that this is an extrapolation based entirely on my current state), and everyone you know seems to have fallen into their own personal pit of deadline-quicksand.

What do none of these factors prevent us from? Ignoring our screen time reports to stalk icons and exes alike on Instagram. In an attempt to freshen up your feed, we had the bloggers contribute the grids they’ve recently been obsessing over (in the ‘icon’ category, not the ‘exes,’ just to clarify).

If you’re really keen for content, make sure to check out Sophie’s compilation of ‘influencers’ you should already be following, and of course follow @concrete.catwalk.standrews for regular St Andrews street style updates. Or, you know, just keep scrolling.

Calla’s pick:


via @maria_bernad

The creative director of Les Fleurs Studio, Maria Bernad’s Instagram is not explicitly a “fashion account,” but fashion is certainly what you’ll find on it. Maria’s style is classic and modern,  feminine and tomboyish at once, and always complemented by the gamine haircut that few can pull off. She also has a rare knack for styling multiple designer pieces at once without looking tacky — I’m entranced. My only question is how she affords it all.

Lauren’s picks:


via @stephaniebroek

Writer Stephanie Broek combines high-fashion minimalism with her own careful eye for designer vintage; she most recently thrifted a Max Mara coat for just thirty-two euros. She’s also been a recent source of mind for discovering a variety of ethical brands. Her whole style is aesthetically pleasing proof you don’t have to ditch the runway to stay sustainable.



via @aboutarianne

About Arianne, a handmade shoe brand based in Spain, has had me dreaming of their boots all season. Their timeless footwear is as gorgeously designed as their Instagram account is curated; every time they post, I’m more and more tempted to drop a couple hundred pounds on a pair of their shoes.

Madison’s picks:


via @gisposables

Gigi Hadid posts her disposable camera shots, showcasing behind the scenes of fashion shows, exclusive parties, her glamorous vacations, and more. Starting just this past summer, the account has quickly gained a loyal and steadily growing following, and always delivers an artful and aesthetic snapshot of celeb life.


via @orseund_iris

Orseund Iris isn’t a new brand, but it is certainly still of the moment. Alana Johnson’s designs are elegant, feminine, and one-of-a-kind. The designer is known for using social media as a platform to connect with her audience, and the brand’s Instagram account is pleasantly simplistic yet beautiful.

Eva’s pick:


via @mybinoculars

This is the perfect account to follow for some daily fashion inspo. With everything from red carpet fashion to celeb OOTD’s and major throwbacks, @mybinoculars has you covered.

Sophie’s pick:


via @riovn

My absolute go-to for all things beauty. I discovered her last winter with the update of her infamous Google Doc (check out her archive on NY Magazine for more on that), which detailed her extensive skincare routine – one for someone as insane about their skin as me (her bio on the site proudly states “Not a professional, just crazy.”)! She posts amazing makeup looks as well and is constantly collaborating with celeb artists to create cool new looks. She’s not like any other beauty account you’ll follow – her glass-like skin, colourful bob, and plethora of glossy eye looks will make you feel like you’ve slipped into a Manhattan Gen-Zer’s wet dream. 


Happy scrolling!


The Bloggers

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