A Style Guide to Nights Out in St Andrews

Whether it’s BPM, Bassment, ASHA, VS, Passport, another collective, a ball, or a once-a-year event like Starfields, St Andrews has a pretty reliable rotating cast of nights out to embark on. While they might put on similar events, each of these groups speaks to a different musical subculture with its own style sensibility. Here is the catalogue.

BPM/ASHA events

nights out1.jpg

Here you’ll see what can perhaps be considered the most standard night-out fare and style to match. Jackets get chucked in the corner, and crop tops and trousers dominate the dancefloor; it’s dark, so no one is looking too closely. Wear trainers for ease of dancing and walking around.

Bassment/Passport/Wax Rooms


This is essentially a toned-down version of the above. I would show up to one of these events in a hoodie and flared jeans — or anything else in the domain of vaguely-edgy-but-mainly-comfortable — and not think twice. 


nights out3.png

Versus Music parties, especially their house parties, are essentially dark mosh pits of sweat. Layers that can be easily stripped down to a tank or cami are useful here, as are comfortable shoes. VS aligns itself with a streetwear aesthetic, so you’d be most thematically savvy to incorporate some sporty brands into your look.


nights out4.jpg

With the obvious exception of Welly Ball, the dress code for most balls in St Andrews is more or less the same, divided only by unspoken adherence to black tie or cocktail attire. Slip on your prom dress, a £15 find from Missguided, something classic, something risky — it’s hard to go wrong here. Heels and trainers alike can qualify as ball footwear.


nights out5.jpg

Imagine a lovechild of Coachella, Governor’s Ball, or any other standard music festival you could name. There are no rules here — crochet, mesh, neon, glitter, and sequins will be visible in any direction you look. Any look that could conceivably double as a sexy fairy costume works.


nights out6.png

This is the same concept as Starfields, but taken in a different direction. A nighttime event featuring more alternative-type music and art, the looks for Szentek are very rave-oriented. Fishnet, mesh, patterns, decorative sunglasses, and loud statements are the fashion motifs at this event.

Fashion Shows

nights out7.png

Fashion show style is most similar to ball style, but slightly less formal and not as confined to dresses. This is the time to dip into the edgier end of semi-formal, experiment with what you’ve seen in the pages of Vogue, and trot out designer pieces in the name of “fashion.” Despite the variation in what’s on the runway, jumpsuits, polished makeup, and statement accessories comprise popular ensembles across the board. Heels and boots are the most popular shoes for show-goers. 


Calla Selicious

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