A Last-Minute W2W: Starfields 2019

Starfields: the first major event on the St Andrews student’s social calendar, and an annual Freshers Week favourite for newcomers and returning students alike. As in previous years, the event (coming up September 14th – this Saturday) is completely sold out, and Facebook events for countless pre-drinks are inundating everyone’s notifications. It’s the back-to-school day-drinking extravaganza that the student population knows and loves, and, of course, an introduction into true St Andrean event- and dress-up culture. While the line-up is looking pretty steamy (headliner: Matoma), our preview needs to stay on-brand! So let’s cut to the chase: a series of Starfields-suitable sartorial suggestions. In other, less overwhelmingly alliterate words: a last-minute What-to-Wear guide for Starfields 2019.

This year, Starfields organisers FS have stated their aims to minimise waste and encourage sustainable alternatives at their events. To keep the festival spirits running high, but conscious, Starfields is handing out Rhetorik EcoGlitter (a biodegradable alternative to the well-loved body glitter trend) on a first-come-first-served basis at wristband collection.

It’s easy to forget that, like most major St Andrews events, Starfields donates profits to charity. This year, that charity is Fashion Revolution, an organisation that aims to change the production and consumption habits of the fashion industry to make it more ethical, sustainable, and transparent. Find their ‘About’ page here if you’re keen for more information. Given this year’s charity, the organisers asked that our W2W should remain as fast-fashion free as possible – a request that we could, of course, fully get behind. That means all the outfits below consist of items that were thrifted, borrowed, or already owned – no new purchases. So if you’re still stuck on what to wear and need a last-minute solution, scroll down for inspiration, hit up the charity shops, and don’t be afraid to raid a friend’s closet (with their permission, you cheeky minx). My Starfields outfit last year consisted of a three-year-old top under a bright blue boiler suit, generously donated to my closet by my grandpa, who, in turn, got it at a hardware store. Unconventional methods are the way to go for enviable Starfields outfits, I’m telling you. Anyway, enough of my ceaseless rambling. Keep scrolling for some ethical Starfields outfit inspo!


Maja Hollmann


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