Room Ideas to Bring In The Spring

Spring is, very nearly, here. Despite the winter winds still bracing St Andrews, the days are getting longer and we’re getting ever closer to the joys of summertime. Spring can be the awkward transition between the bracing winter and delights of summer. It’s too cold to truly enjoy the weather, but not cold enough to warrant your duvet-style coat. However, spring can be a wonderful time to get a hold of life before the busy summer months. Here’s some fun ideas about how you can brighten up your home in spring – even if you’re on a student budget.

broom-1837434_1920.jpgFirst thing’s first: cleaning. Spring cleaning is the kind of thing that brings dread to anyone. Thoughts of mopping floors, dusting cupboards and even clearing out the wardrobe might seem like the worst thing in the world during peak deadline season. However, as Marie Kondo’s ‘sparking joy’ reminds us, cleaning can be one of the best ways to get your mind in order for the time ahead. If your room and house are tidy, it’s one less thing on the agenda. So, grab those sponges and clothes, it’s time to get your clean on.

daffodils-1316127_1920.jpgDaffodils as centrepieces. Daffodils are an iconic spring flower. They burst with yellowness (sometimes too much for your exhausted, essay-wearied eyes). They can also smell amazing, bringing the iconic scent of spring to your indoors. They can be bought at supermarkets, garden centres and flower shops. Most importantly they fit to the student budget– a bunch can cost £1 at most high street supermarkets- and can last over a week if properly watered. They are a small investment that can make a huge difference, bringing the scent and scenery of summer to your bedroom or living space.

santa-fe-2367043_1920.jpgGetting a bright rug can help spruce up even the direst of rooms. They’re the perfect way to accent a space without having to paint or put up posters (your landlords’ worst nightmare). Additionally, they can shift your entire space and are great for those days where you just want to sit on the floor and read a book.They can be found throughout St Andrews’ array of fabulous boutiques, but they are also often stocked at Aldi for under $15. If not, why not look at ASOS’ selection of whimsical rugs, including this Sass & Belle elephant piece.

Finally, for those beautiful morning sunrises, why not add a gauzy-see through curtain to your window? These can often be added as second curtains – so you still have your all-important black-out curtains for hungover mornings. This is a great way to wake up naturally on those stressful exam mornings. Instead of waking up to the shrill alarm tone which never seems to stop ringing, waking up to natural light can be a great way to start the day. These can be purchased for around £10 from Amazon or Ikea and are a thrifty way to literally bring light back into your life.

These are some quick spring tips to bring some sunshine into this dreary April. Worst comes to worst? If spring cleaning doesn’t fix your worries, at least there’s only two weeks of term left.

-Georgia Davies



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