Pairing Alcohol With Outfits

Why pair alcohol (specifically wine) with just food? Enjoy some fun pairings of different drinks and different outfits. No need to take this too seriously – but why not match your outfit to the vibe of your drink?



Special occasions, picnics in the park, polo matches. Champagne is light and fun. Best paired with a floral dress. Alternatively, a sparkly dress meant for celebration.  

Red Wine


Sophisticated. Spicy. Smart. Best worn with a blazer, jeans, and brogues. 

White Wine


Similar to it’s wine counterpart, white wine is smart and sophisticated — but with a tinge of acidity. Best paired with a black turtleneck, glasses, and jeans.  



A cocktail. Edgy and cool. Best worn with a silk dress.  



Effortless, cool, but easy. Best worn with an oversized t-shirt and jeans.  

-Madeline Silton







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