The Only Shoe You Will Ever Need

This winter I can officially say that I fell head over heels in love. I think they could be the one. They are everything I’ve ever been looking for, and some might even say, they complete me. The perfect Chelsea Boot.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect Chelsea Boot for a long time now. I have very specific qualities I’ve been looking for, and refused to settle for anything less. I’ve always owned a pair, they just haven’t been perfect. They’ve always been heeled, as I find completely flat chelsea boots can look a bit awkward on me, heeled boots being a lot more flattering. They’ve always been black, ensuring they go with everything. They’ve also always, because I’d never invested much money into them, worn really badly. Either they’ve broken, or scuffed badly, or just started to look really old and tattered, really quickly. This just resulted in me burning through shoes and spending more money than I would have if I’d just invested in the first place.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 14.39.32Enter the dream shoe. I had originally walked into Vagabond looking for something completely different, when I spotted it. First thing I noticed was the heel. It’s the perfect height, not too short so it looks awkward, but not too high so that my feet hurt, and I tower above everyone else (I’m already 5’10… I don’t need any more height, thankyou). The pointed toe looks feminine and elegant, elongating your leg even further. I also can’t stress to you how comfortable these are. Although yes, I spent, with student discount, around £90, but I’m trusting this is going to give me a shoe which will last the test of time (many outings later and they still look brand new, so it’s looking promising). Also, for a good, leather boot, I would stay it is still quite well priced.

They are also just perfect for styling with outfits.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 14.59.48.pngIn winter, they are perfect for wearing with a pair of skinning jeans, big knitted jumper and a coat. They keep your feet warm, keep your legs looking slim, which is a good contrast to the bulky jumper and coat. They also keep the outfit looking chic and slightly smarter than if you had worn trainers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 14.56.39.png
Instagram: icovetthee

Obviously, they work really well with skirts. Like with the previous outfit, they do smarten it up a bit, and I find this really useful for situations where I’m unsure what to wear. Going out for dinner or drinks, I’m always unsure. I have a very casual style, and tend to throw on trainers with everything. However, swapping trainers for these boots, I can keep the fairly casual outfit, my short skirt with tights and a baggy jumper, without feeling underdressed or too relaxed. They don’t only go with short skirts either, I find this style of shoe really works with midi slip skirts (the ones which everyone and their mother seems to own at the moment). As it’s so fitted around the ankle, it elongates your legs ensuring that the skirt doesn’t cut you off. Similarly, because they hung the ankle, they can look great paired with culottes or cropped wide leg trousers.

Investing now in a boot might seem questionable, considering summer is almost around the corner. However, as they aren’t an especially chunky or heavy boot, they do work really well with summer dresses. Pairing them with a black leather jacket I find helps balance out the look, adding some edge to a feminine summer outfit.

Trust me, a pair of boots like this is an essential in anyone’s wardrobe.

Suzie Rawling




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