The Best Looks To Make Spring Break Last Longer

Spring break isn’t just a chance to soak up some sun it’s also marks the beginning of warmer weather in St Andrews. With that in mind we have rounded up some of the best spring break looks.

zara dress.jpegSundress– With temperatures finally above freezing Spring break is the perfect opportunity to break out all of your long forgotten sundresses. Whether brightly hued or neutral, short or long the right sundress can be the perfect outfit choice for any occasion. Find it at Zara!

cc cullottes.jpgCulottes–If you’re going someplace where temperatures aren’t exactly balmy than a cute and comfy pair of culottes is a great way to transition out of the winter time blues while still staying bundled up. Even better, they can be paired with a  fitted tank top or chunky sweater and jacket making them always weather appropriate. Buy them here!

CC pink denim jacket.jpegJean jacket–A classic staple that looks good at anytime, you cannot leave for Spring break without one. Pair it with a skirt or dress or try a fun color to truly embrace the vacation vibes. Shop the look here!

Midi Skirt–Seen on the cover off every fashion magazine and gracing the casual wear of all our favorite celebrities the midi skirt doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Worn with a plain tee or cropped sweater it can elevate your everyday looks to a whole new level. The best part is how comfy it is! Find it here!

CC tiny sunglasses.jpegSunglasses–The easiest Spring Break accessory, vacation is the best time to try out a new style. That could be anything from the teeny-tiny sunglasses favored by Kim Kardashian to an interesting tint or oversized mirrored frames. Get them here!

Spring break is the perfect time to challenge your existing style, with warm weather and new scenery you can get outside your comfort zone and try exciting and trendy items. Take advantage of the sunshine both on vacation and back in St Andrews and start airing out your warm weather wardrobe.  

-Julia Bennet


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