I Didn’t Wear Makeup For A Week …

When planning to do this challenge, I initially thought it really wouldn’t be that hard. Although I am a big fan of makeup, I definitely wouldn’t say that I rely on it. However, I soon realised that I couldn’t actually remember the last time I didn’t use makeup for more than 2 days, let alone 7.  


My everyday makeup routine is fairly minimal. I definitely have an aim, and that is to look less tired and less pale. I use a primer, concealer under my eyes (and lots of it…), powder, bronzer and mascara. Occasionally I’ll do my eyebrows, but only if I have time to spare, which is basically never. I’ve managed to get this down to about 5 or 10 minutes, again depending on how leisurely I can go about this. If I want to put in a bit more effort during the day, I’ll put on some brown liquid eyeliner (the running late issue which I regularly face has resulted in me being able to master this very quickly, and even in cars or on trains, a talent I am very proud of).

Because this routine is so quick and minimal, and I’m sure sometimes barely noticeable by the end of the day, the idea of going without it shouldn’t be so difficult. This didn’t make me any less nervous though when it actually came down to it. I have no issue with going to Tesco’s with no makeup on, I have no issue going to the gym with no makeup, why was the library, or lectures and tutorials any different?

I took this idea and used it on Day 1, I was that girl who wore her sports kit when she wasn’t doing any sport. A way to ease myself in. No one judges, I thought, if it looks like you’ve been exercising. I would say this worked a treat, I wasn’t half as self conscious and worried about people staring at me because I’m obviously just really sporty…

As the week continued, I did get more confident, and definitely started worrying less, let’s be honest, most people don’t notice if I do or do not have makeup on anyway. I was hoping for some amazing revelation that after a week of nothing on my skin it’s now completely flawless and glows etc etc,. I can confirm this has not happen (I’m blaming deadlines, and the chocolate needed in order to get through said deadlines). I rarely missed my makeup, especially when I had more time in the mornings and could jump into bed faster at night. However, there were times where, not that I needed it, I really would have preferred to be wearing it. There are sometimes when you just need a bit of a boost. Tutorial presentation, I really would have appreciated my eyeliner. 9am class after a very late night, maybe some concealer and mascara not only would have made me look more awake, but actually made me feel more awake and put together as well.

I don’t think we should feel that we need makeup at all. But saying that, I also don’t think we need to keep being told that we don’t need it, and look great without it. Obviously we can look great without it, and sometimes, it’s nice not to wear it. There is nothing wrong though, with doing something that would give yourself a confidence boost when you most need it. In the same way you may choose your favourite outfit to wear for a bit meeting, there is no shame in applying your winged eyeliner to make you feel a little bit better about the day ahead.  

blog photo.jpg
Here’s my little naked face ready for a day in the library!

I’m slightly let down none of my views on makeup have changed dramatically after this challenge. However, it showed me that it’s alright to sacrifice the makeup for the extra 10 minutes in bed, but also that I shouldn’t feel bad about myself when I want to wear it to feel more confident. Is that not what it’s there for in the first place?  

-Suzie Rawling


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