How Big Is Too Big?

I’m talking about coats.

This winter, I made a PRIME purchase. I call it my sleeping bag coat. It’s puffy and black and long and warm and squishy and feels like I’m wearing a hug (I didn’t realise this was possible either).  

Maja coat.JPG

And I’m not alone in the big coat lifestyle – it’s been a major trend this autumn/winter, and as the season slowly fades out here in St Andrews (knock on wood) I think it needs a final shoutout. Even my brother got himself a massive coat this winter – the same brother who refused to let his mother purchase a coat for him at all only two Octobers ago (a rebellious phase of denial and defiance of European weather patterns after five years in the tropics), much to her worry and frustration.

Thank you, massive coat trend, for keeping me warm and my parents sane.

Oh, and thank you for providing us with @itsmaysmemes. Who knew that editing the celeb coats to extortionate proportions could entertain thousands?  


I know I’m supposed to find the size of these coats unreasonable. I know that. I’m a fully functioning human being, and my rational self says ‘Ha! That’s an unrealistically oversized coat edited onto a regular-sized body in a tongue-in-cheek sort of comment on the massive coat trend! I love it!’.  


But my massive-coat-loving heart, guys.  


My massive-coat-loving heart whispers through the laughter: It’s like wearing a duvet. It’s revolutionary.  




Should I-   


Should I start making these?  


Is this a gap in the market? 


Am I the next big genius in the fashion scene? CAN I PROVIDE WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT?!?!?!?   

CC Coats 6

Dad sneakers didn’t really get my vote, but massive coats? They could become a damn slippery slope for me.

Watch me roll up to class wrapped in my blanket next week.

Ha! You think I’m kidding.  

-Maja Hollmann



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