Ubuntu: What to Expect

52603007_2377424292379280_3386834476016336896_nHave you heard of the Ubuntu fashion show but aren’t sure what it entails?

Concrete Catwalk sat down with Sophia lara Staffiero and Adwoah Afrifa Troesemeyer to talk about their upcoming Ubuntu fashion show, ‘Confluence’, on March 2nd in 601. In its second year, Ubuntu is a refreshing take on the student run fashion show. In addition to the actual fashion show itself, Ubuntu has also collaborated with several societies around St Andrews: Staffiero’s mom taught an african inspired zumba class and they have collaborated with Craft Soc.

52293399_299587747426440_666298978370846720_nUbuntu was originally formed by a graduate as an African/Caribbean dance show, but has now become a fashion show that includes a catwalk, dance performances, singing, and even follows a storyline.

Troesemeyer says the show is somewhat more “light-hearted” than the other St Andrews fashion shows. ‘Confluence’, will tell the story of Mansa Musa. A narrator will open the show by setting the scene and explaining the different empires. Mansa Musa’s story will then be told as the show progresses.

52391242_372844003295974_7929581897066217472_n.jpgThe fashion itself is also of particular note, as the founders have worked hard to support local communities in Africa and the Carribeans by choosing designers in African or Caribbean communities. They are also working with Keep it Fax, who is providing them with ties with African prints that support children and education in Sierra Leone. In addition to supporting local African and Carribean companies and designers, they have also teamed up with a small 51283499_1947470662045746_5051679042508423168_nGlasgow designer.

As for the future of Ubuntu, they are hoping to expand the production, and perhaps add the addition of choreographers or a larger venue. They are also hoping to make more money to donate to charity. While they won’t donate 100% of their revenue, they are hoping to donate a substantial amount even this year.

Their event on March 2nd is nearly sold out, so if you’re interested in seeing this unique show make sure to check out their facebook page.

– Madeline Silton


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