How To Keep Your New’s Resolutions All Year

When did everyone become so obsessed with having a New Year’s Resolution? Starting from the end of December and into the beginning of the new year, everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions. However, keeping these resolutions is a challenging process, and many people fail. With the rise of social media, and the constant development of new fitness and health trends, people tend to pick unrealistic goals that they just cannot stick to. This guide outlines five tips for choosing and sticking with your goal, ensuring your New Year’s Resolution is a success.

resolutions-3889989_1920Choose a resolution that’s personal to you:  

Choosing a resolution is a challenge. With health and fitness taking up so much of the spotlight in social media and everyday conversation, it is easy to choose a resolution that focuses on that. Though having a healthy lifestyle and fitness goals are important, it is equally important to remember that what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you and that everyone has different things they want to achieve. By choosing a resolution based on what you think you should want to achieve, versus something you actually want to achieve, it becomes difficult to find the drive and motivation to stick with it. To have a successful resolution, you should pick something that adds value to your own life or addresses a personal issue or challenge you wish to overcome.

diet-1949328_1920.jpgChoose one resolution and start small:   

It’s easy to get carried away by the idea of a fresh start and a new year. There may be a lot you wish to achieve or change but taking on too many things can be daunting and can cause you to spread yourself too thin. To have a successful resolution that you can actually achieve, it’s important to pick one thing to focus all of your energies in. Pick the goal that is most important to you and take small steps to achieve it.

family-2609525_1920Make sure you’re accountable:   

The best way to ensure you stick with your plan is to create a system that keeps you accountable for what you do. This can be done by keeping a journal and creating a checklist for all the things you need to do in order to  accomplish your goals.

Additionally, get the support from friends and family to help you stay motivated throughout the process. Tell them your goal and how you plan to achieve this goal. This can help keep you on track and having friends or family join you makes it easier to keep your resolution throughout the year. Having a system to look back on helps you keep track of your progress and helps make the journey less stressful and fun.

checklist-2077020_1920Create a plan, and stick to it:  

Starting a new resolution can be a daunting process, especially if you are not sure how to begin. By creating a concrete plan, it becomes easier to stick with your goal. Break a big goal into smaller, more manageable goals and create a plan that outlines how and when each goal will be achieved. These smaller goals are much easier to achieve and can help prevent any potential setbacks you may face.

Don’t be afraid of setbacks or hurdles:  

Lastly, do not be afraid of challenges that set you back a bit. It’s awful to suffer a setback after weeks of moving closer to achieving your goal, but don’t let this prevent you from seeing it through. Facing these hurdles and challenges are a crucial part of the process and helps make the resolution worthwhile.   

Elizabeth Grufferman



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