Behind the scenes of FS

IMG_4333.jpgSince 1992, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show has been utilising the creative minds of St Andrews students to put together its annual fashion show. FS 2019|Origins will take place 16 February in Lower College Lawn, continuing this notorious fashion show’s legacy amongst the student body.

Concrete Catwalk got an early look at the FS show by previewing their tech rehearsalIMG_4357.jpg. While the outfits were not present at yesterday’s tech rehearsal (you’ll have to be at the show to see those!), this year’s show is not one that is going to disappoint.

This was the first time the models had been on the catwalk stage since it had been built IMG_4345.jpgthis year. The models looked like they were in good spirits and were enjoying practicing their routines and putting together the final touches – especially now that they were on the actual catwalk.

IMG_4322.jpgIn addition to practicing the choreography, the committee was working hard to create table numbers – which included hand drawing numbers onto the signs – and putting together over 1,300 swag bags sponsored by the Adamson and other businesses. The tech crew was figuring out how to manage lighting and sound as well as figuring out how they would videotape the event. Tonight is the final dress rehearsal; the models have been practicing long and hard for their event tomorrow.

Need some last minute inspiration for your outfit for tomorrow’s show? Check out our ‘What to Wear’ album on Facebook: 

– Madeline Silton


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