How To Style Slip Skirts

Everywhere you look at the moment there are satin slip skirts, and slip dresses. Initially I was really against this trend, I thought they would look awkward and unflattering on me, and I had no idea how to style such a feminine piece, as it was so out of my comfort zone. However, I’ve grown to really like them, and have found they’re not as difficult to wear as I thought. So for those of you who want to try the trend but aren’t sure where to start, I compiled some of my tried-and-tested styling tips. 

image3-3.pngCoffee with Friends

I always prefer to dress casually and so, dressing these skirts down was the easiest way to style them for me. Such delicate pieces look amazing paired with clashing textures and layers, like thick, knitted jumpers. This also makes the skirts seem more winter appropriate as well. This leopard print slip skirt from Urban Outfitters, for example, could effortlessly be styled with a plain black, long lined, jumper. Depending on how casual you prefer to dress, this could be worn with either trainers or black heeled boots. Similarly, for a more elegant look, a long duster style coat, or alternatively a biker jacket. I found layering essential for making these skirts seem more casual, and also, for wearing them in the winter (especially as I prefer the look with bare legs).  

image2-3.pngSunny Day

Although hard to imagine warm and sunny days at the moment, these skirts will transition perfectly into the spring and summer. This slightly textured red slip skirt from Topshop could easily be worn with a simple, graphic t-shirt tucked into it. To ensure the outfit doesn’t become shapeless, this could be worn with a cropped denim or leather jacket, to accentuate your waist, highlighting the flattering shape which these skirts create. Like with the previous outfit, this can be worn with either trainers or boots, depending on your personal preference.  

image4-4.pngComfy Library Day

Don’t be afraid to really casual this skirt down, even further. In complete contrast to the super feminine skirt, like this one from Urban Outfitters, wear it with more masculine looking pieces such as an oversized sweatshirt, and chunky trainers, for a comfy and also effortless look. The two clashing styles creates a whole new outfit, proving how versatile slip skirts can be, and how they don’t have to be worn in a delicate way.  

image1-6.pngEvening Out

These skirts, because they are so feminine and elegant, are very easy to be dressed up. Also, as they are such a statement, they can be worn with simple pieces. Topshop has a huge range of colours in these skirts, any of which would work well in an evening outfit. Tucking in a simple cami, or pairing the skirt with a lace body, or bralet would look extremely flattering, in a similar way to how long trousers are worn in the evening. Unlike in the daytime outfits, which contrast the delicate skirts, wearing them with lace emphasises this, creating a whole other look. Adding to the sophisticated, strappy heels complete the outfit, with simple jewellery.  

Suzie Rawling







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