My Ski Wardrobe Wishlist

So, it’s January, which for the past fifteen years has meant one thing for my family: load up the car, drive across the country, and attempt to burn off some of those holiday pounds in the alps for a week (there’s no way of mentioning the alps in a non-pretentious way; for this I apologise). We have all subconsciously accepted the fact that weight loss will fail to occur given the copious amounts of food and alcohol consumed on these trips; however, a new mental narrative has opened up to me in the last few years: how on earth does one dress well for skiing? I’ve always cared about how I dress (don’t let the overwhelmingly unaesthetic library looks fool you), but skiing is a bit of a struggle for me.

I debated making this article about trying out the new Topshop ski range, but then remembered that I have some fundamental bones to pick with Topshop (slightly out of context personal choice that I might discuss another day, but also might not, who knows, keep the mystery alive), and their stuff also tends to be quite trend-specific, which isn’t ideal seeing as most ski-wear is more of an investment – worn for one out of fifty-two weeks for years on end. Getting an entirely new snow sport wardrobe for one week a year is 1) a little bit extra and 2) hella pricey, so it’s a ‘no’ from me.

My typical ski outifts consist of some kind of leggings, a long-sleeved shirt (usually thermal, but sometimes just cotton if I’m feeling RADICAL) with a baggier, thinner long-sleeved shirt over top, or a sweatshirt if it’s really cold, all of which is, obviously, concealed by the actual outer layers of ski-wear and protective plastic accoutrements (yes, I mean the boots and a helmet). Generally speaking, I feel like nobody really looks their best while skiing. It’s obviously much more function-over-form because, you know, it’s cold, but I found that this article was my calling to finally create the wishlist of ski-wear I’ll hopefully purchase one day, that treads elegantly the line between practical and aesthetic-enough-for-Instagram.


My brother got a jacket from Dope last year, and recently the whole hoodie-look has grown on me, so here are my faves:  

CC ski 1.jpg

The hoodie kind (here’s the pink one), the regular jacket, and the puffy one I couldn’t find a link for but still want, all of which are done in different colours, patterns, and colour-blocked.


I stumbled upon the brand eivy while browsing in a snowboard shop because of their FuNkY thermal sets:  

CC ski 2.jpg

The floral one and matching leggings, the basic burgundy and matching leggings, and a top I liked from Oysho.

Oh, and also these socks from Falke that I spent far too much money on but don’t regret purchasing one bit.

Top Layers

Depending on temperatures, here are the layers I’d go with on top: 

CC ski 4.jpg

Thin, medium, and super cosy.

cc ski 3You might be able to tell, my ski-style (if you can call it that) is very practical and pretty spacious – I hate feeling squished or like layers are awkwardly wrinkling. If you ski, I hope you found this helpful; if you don’t, I’d be impressed if you whipped together an outfit for day-to-day. The socks are especially statement, IMO.    


Maja Hollmann




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