How To Rewear Your Holiday Looks

The Holiday Sweater

Everyone knows there is nothing more lovable than a kitschy holiday sweater, except when it’s not the holidays. By now, I like many others, have accumulated more than my fair share of snowmen, santa, and reindeer themed layers. After January 1st they get regulated to the back of my closet, but why can’t I wear them the other 350+ days out of the year. Classic christmas sweaters like this one are perfect for the Winter to Spring transition period. Paired with a classic pair of boyfriend jeans you have a perfect casual look. 

christmas sweater cctopshop jeans cc.jpg

The Shiny Dress

Everyone owns one, the shimmery, probably short holiday dress that does a convincing parody of a disco ball. It’s the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit showstopper, but probably doesn’t get worn much the rest of the year. For formal events outside the holiday season this dress can still look cute! You can even make this look daytime appropriate by wearing it with a jean jacket and platform sneakers.  


The Red/Green Ensemble.

The hunter green sweater and red wrap dress are holiday classics. However, they can easily be we worn outside December. Red and green are some of my favorite fall colors. While during Christmas you might wear red tassel earrings with your green sweater, instead trying a neutral gold, or instead of pairing it with jeans try a jean skirt. Weather and season appropriate accessories can take even the most holiday hued outfits and make them year-round staples.  


Julia Bennet



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