Christmas Makeup

Initially I had planned on writing this blog on my favourite makeup looks to wear on Christmas Day, or the ultimate Christmas makeup staples. However, when discussing this with some of my friends, we realised everyone had a different Christmas Day style. So, after compiling all of my new information, here is my list of all of the various ways to tackle makeup on Christmas Day: 

fullsizeoutput_71b.jpegThe Super Festive Christmas Glam Makeup

I have to say now, this is one I have never tried. We’re talking everything festive, red lipstick, lots and lots of glitter, all in one look. It’s a look suitable for a Christmas party, however it’s unlikely you’ll leave the house all day, and if you do it’s only across the road for some drinks or to take the dog on a walk. Regardless, the smokey eye has been perfected, and half an hour was spent just on your eyebrows. Why, I ask, would you want to put this much effort into makeup on Christmas Day, when there are presents to give and food to be eaten? But my personal opinions aside, I’ve been told it’s silly to pass up an opportunity to get dressed up and use that sparkly eyeshadow pigment you’ve been waiting to use all year?  

lipstick-791761_1920.jpgThe Understated Festive Christmas Makeup

For all the people, like myself, who aren’t going to turn down getting dressed up, and getting into the festive spirit, but equally don’t want to spend hours and hours getting ready, or frankly, are not skilled enough to pull off the all-out glam makeup. This is your everyday makeup, or the makeup you would wear to a nice dinner, but with a Christmas touch added in. This could be a red lipstick (MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick is my favourite festive shade), or some glittery eyeshadow, or even eyeliner (Urban Decay’s Glitter Liners might just be the best invention ever). You’re getting into the spirit of things, but keeping it casual still. Christmassy, without your Grandpa asking what all that stuff is on your face.  

Your Everyday Makeup

People who just want to get ready, and get on with their days. They want to look nice, and like they’ve put some effort it, but why would they need to do anymore than that. Some of my friends who fall into this category were shocked at the idea of doing anything else, what’s the point? Lipstick will come off with all the processo and pigs in blankets which are planned to be consumed all day, and eye makeup will slowly come off when someone inevitably cries at a present, or a Christmas film.  

woman-945815_1920.jpgThe Put Everything I Was Just Given On My Face Immediately

This, I can also relate to. All the impatient people who have just opened a whole selection of presents which they can use to get ready, and will waste no time in doing so. The excitement of all new makeup products gets a bit too much, and the looks can result in a bit of a variety. Dark, smokey eyes using all the shades in a new eyeshadow palette, or bold, bright looks, wanting to wear the lipgloss and eyeshadows you’ve just received, even though they completely clash. Normally you wear far more makeup than you normally would, or even planned to, but could you help yourself? Definitely not.

feet-932346_1920.jpgThe I Shall Be Wearing My Christmas Pyjamas All Day, Why Would I Even Bother

To be honest, I did not know these people existed. I love getting dressed up, making the day feel even more like a special occasion. But these people have no time for this. It’s a day for comfort, and relaxing, and feeling cosy. Festive pyjamas have been bought, and they are getting their full wear out of them. Why would you even bother putting on makeup, or even brushing your hair, when there is mulled wine to be drunk, turkey to be eaten, and presents to open? Priorities people, priorities.


So there you go, my list of all the different looks you could go for this festive season. Regardless of which one you pick, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Suzie Rawling







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