My Top Picks From High Street Holiday Collections

As it’s revision week, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing everything I possibly can to avoid revising. This has, naturally, involved an abnormal amount of online shopping, or more accurately, browsing. Christmas might just be my favourite time to shop for clothes, with all of my favourite shops filling their shelves with everything sparkly and velvet or furry (I promise I do not have tacky taste). I’ve noticed from this constant scrolling that I’ve been doing, that most high-street brands have been releasing Christmas collections, or ‘Gift Guides’, which seem to be made up of all their new, christmassy releases. I can save you hours of browsing (more time for you to spend working, right?), by giving you my top picks from these various new holiday collections, from all our favourite stores.   

Topshop (‘Gifts’ Section)

Midi slip dresses, and skirts, are absolutely everywhere this season, and, in my opinion, image3.pngTopshop have the best selection. Their plain, simple midi slip dresses would be the perfect Christmas party option for those who don’t want to stray from their uniform of black, or are a bit too scared by all of the glitter and sequins. The skirts are also really flattering, and can be dressed up or down, for a variety of seasons.

There are also a huge variety of fur coats within this Gift Guide section, and anyone that knows me, knows that fur coats are my absolute weakness in life, my collection is growing by the day. Therefore, I couldn’t not include them. I would recommend to everyone to invest in at least one fur coat for your wardrobe, they’re warm, always on trend, and have the ability to make any outfit look 500 times more put together. My personal favourite from this selection is the leopard print.   

Urban Outfitters

image1.pngWe were all so sure this trend would be left behind in the summer, so sure that it would be gone forever, never to be seen again. How could it possibly be worn any other time? How could it possibly be adapted for winter? Urban Outfitters have done it. The velvet cycling short. By no means am I recommending this, and I shall never buy it, I just thought it needed to be brought to your attention.

One thing I noticed was the huge amount of snake print on Urban Outfitters. Much more cool toned than Leopard Print, I think this would be a great addition to any winter wardrobe. This mesh top would be my top pick, as it can be worn with a bralet underneath, but also, layered under various tops and dresses, greatly for the party season, or everyday.

I also really love this Cherub trend, which I’ve only really seen in Urban Outfitters. One of these tops or sweatshirts would actually make a great present, as well as just something to buy yourself, so definitely a top pick for the Gift Giving section from me.  

Pretty Little Thing

This has, in my opinion, the best selection of Christmas themed clothing. Yes, some of it is extremely cringey, but that’s half the joy of it.

They have some really cute Christmas jumpers, which aren’t extremely overpriced, or image4-2.pngover the top, so perfect for wearing about twice and putting it in your cupboard, never to be reached for again, my favourite one is this

My other top pick would also have to be this jumper dress. I thought this would be perfect for those Christmas drinks with your friends, where no one really knows what to wear, apart from that it should be something slightly festive looking. Very casual and comfy, but cute and christmassy all at the same time.

My other top pick from Pretty Little Thing is the whole of the Hailey Baldwin collaboration which was recently released. Everything in this collection looks amazing, with every single piece covered in glitter, perfect for any christmas party or event (Obviously, this has nothing to do with the fact that I want to look like, and be Hailey Baldwin, and marry Justin Bieber. Sadly I don’t think this collection will be able to help with that). My favourites are this sparkly co-ord set and this blazer dress


image5.pngZara never fails to impress during the Christmas period, becoming my go-to shop for party outfits. With a huge variety of sparkly dresses, skirts and jumpers to choose from, there are endless options. However, my favourite thing on the whole website was this velvet, wide legged suit.   

t’s safe to say that women’s, oversized suits are my favourite trend of the whole year. They are so effortlessly chic, and put together, both parts being extremely versatile and therefore, a great investment worth making. Style with simple heels, and the blazer buttoned up for a sexy, androgynous look, or add a lace bodysuit or bralet underneath to add a feminine detail.

Zara also does the best statement earrings on the high street, and are perfect for this time of year, adding an extra detail to any plain outfit. Some of their earrings also tend to be clip on, so can even be worn if you don’t have any piercings. The best ones include this one, this one, and this one.   

Happy Shopping!!

Suzie Rawling


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