Every Outfit Anne Hathaway Wears in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

This article doesn’t need much justification or explanation. The Devil Wears Prada is absolutely iconic – as are the outfits in it. I love this film, and what I really wanted to know was how many outfits Andy (Anne Hathaway) actually wears in these 109 minutes of pure bliss, so I pitched it to the CC bloggers and was met with ecstatic enthusiasm.

However, I didn’t exactly realise the magnitude of this task – it turns out I had to source images for twenty-four outfits. Twenty-four. And that’s considering the conditions my mother, Madeline, and I set for this article when our butts hit the couch for some serious research: 1) I only counted full outfits – so anything that is only ever visible on her behind her desk is out of the game (sorry!); and 2) she actually had to wear the outfit, so that extravagant, fuzzy orange poncho didn’t make the cut. It gets an honourable mention here, though. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Interview 1.jpg1.Interview Day

Andy wears a white button-up, a lilac V-neck sweater, a camel blazer, black pants, brown heeled boots, a briefcase, gloves that could’ve come out of a school lost and found, and also a weird tweed-like trench situation and a polka-dot scarf.

Can we talk about how Andy goes to a job interview at a major publication in NYC, and doesn’t know the editor’s name?????? What????? Also why is she wearing a blazer and a trench???? Really doubting Andy right now, I won’t lie.

‘This is foul, don’t let her see that.’ – Emily, re. aforementioned briefcase.

2. 6:15am Coffee Call from EmilyOutfit 2.png

Andy is in a grey long-sleeve shirt and tartan shorts. I know these are her pyjamas but I don’t care. It’s a look to me.

Outfit 3.jpg3. The Iconic Blue Sweater

Andy wears that polka-dot scarf, an off-white coat (which I find surprisingly not that bad), the iconic blue sweater over a light blue button up, that skirt, black tights, and the ugly clog shoes that fall victim to Miranda’s terrorising gaze and are later exchanged for the slingbacks brought by the hero and angel that is Nigel.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, did you have some prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?’ – Emily, re. the skirt that arguably deserved it.

4. The Relatable One for the Grilled CheeseOutfit 4.png

Andy wears a black tank, a white tank, grey sweats, a Northwestern sweatshirt, and a green headband. It bothers me tremendously how tangled that headband is – that can’t possibly be comfortable.

Outfit 5.png5. Dinner with her Dad

Andy wears a pink/purple cableknit sweater, a flared denim skirt, black tights, a chevron coat, and a black shoulder bag, whilst desperately trying to get an irrational editor back to the city from Florida – through a hurricane. There’s not really ever a good angle for this outfit, though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

6. Whining to Nigel: The Pre-Makeover LookOutfit 6.png

Andy wears a beige, short sleeve, knit tee (why does this even exist?), a green skirt, and black tights. A beige knit tee. Beige.

‘I said to myself: take a chance – hire the smart, fat girl.’ – Miranda

Outfit 77. The Post-Makeover Look

Andy wears a double breasted black blazer with a lighter trim, layered gold necklaces, a long, sequined top, a green bag, and ‘the Chanel boots’. Gisele Bündchen tells her she looks good. Emily is mortified. Someone finally fixed Andy’s bangs.

8-12. The Montage Looks

Andy wears:

Montage 1

  1. A grass green, leopard-fur-trimmed, double-breasted coat, white gloves, a black skirt (or dress?) underneath, and large sunnies.
  2. A black coat, a black tote bag, a kind of rust-coloured beanie with a flower applique, boots matching the beanie, patterned black tights, and a black dress/skirt underneath.
  3. A white belted trench, a shimmery bag, a black and red striped dress, a checked hat, and gloves match the bag and the hat, plus matching shoes.
  4. A black trench, a white, lace long-sleeved top underneath, red leather gloves, black Louboutin pumps, a black bag, and grey tights.
  5. A red tartan dress, a brown leather coat, off-white pumps, and a dark brown-ish clutch. An underrated outfit, as you can see by the fact I couldn’t find a decent quality picture of it.

13. The Party Where She Meets That Creepy Dude fromOutfit 13 The Mentalist??

No but really, aside from the apparent LinkedIn perks that this guy has to offer, what does she find appealing?? 10/10 creep.

Oh yeah, and Andy wears great boots (wishlisted by Madeline, Mother, and myself), black tights, a brown leather satchel/tote convertible bag with a massive tassel (my fave since 2010 and possibly forever), a black coat/cardigan situation, long, layered Chanel necklaces, and a black satin-y dress.

Outfit 1414. The Walking Chanel Ad

Andy wears a black dress with a white studded collar and cuffs, and a pleated bottom, a pearl Chanel necklace (she wears so many Chanel necklaces), black tights, strappy pumps, and a patterned bag of sorts.

15. The Unpublished ManuscriptOutfit 15

Andy calls on creepy Mentalist man to help her on the impossible task of sourcing two copies of the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript for Miranda’s twins – for which the LinkedIn god of course has a connection. She wears an olive dress with pleats and buttons, a wide, brown belt, big metallic bangles, a matching metallic bag, big Chanel sunnies, and metallic pumps.

Outfit 16.jpg16. The Questionable Choice

Andy wears a brown (?) polka-dot blouse featuring a weird neck ruffle, a blue choker necklace, a grey-silver-ish belt, black knee-length capris (bold choice), and heels. I’m not really sure I have a comment. I don’t really know what to think. Onwards!

17. The Late-For-Boyfriend’s-Birthday DressOutfit 17

I get it: it was his birthday, it was crappy that she got held up, but honestly, it’s her job, and a twenty-something woman in NYC working as an assistant probably does have ridiculous hours, and sometimes that’s the price you pay when you need a career push. Her friends are really dumb about it.

Anyway: Andy wears a black, floor-length satin-y dress with lace trim on the sleeves, and black heels.

Outfit 1818. She Actually Knows Where to Put the Book

Also, Miranda tells her she’s taking Emily’s place in Paris. Draaaamaaaaaa! Andy wears a black and white checked hat, white button up, off the shoulder short sleeved black sweater situation, wide leg black pants, little round bag, big layered Chanel necklaces

19. The Momentary Lapse in Judgement?Outfit 19.png

Andy wears a terrifying butterfly top (with rhinestones), a black blazer, black pants, a tartan clutch, and black boots.

Outfit 2020.The Arrival in Paris: Redemption from the Terrifying Butterfly Debacle

Andy wears a short, checked brown coat with a red belt, a fur handbag, and a pencil skirt with wide, vertical stripes. I forgive her for the butterfly outfit.

21. I Couldn’t Find a Picture for This I’m Sorry

Andy wears a grey pencil skirt, a black, deep-V long-sleeve, black heels, a burgundy bag, and a light blue skinny belt.

22. The Outfit Nigel LikesOutfit 22.jpg

Andy wears a low-cut, black blazer-esque situation with slightly poofy shoulders, a black pencil skirt, a tiny black bag, a bluish-black fur collar with pompom tassels, a leather corset top, and black and white peep-toes. We see half of this after she sleeps with creepy Mentalist man, who, by the way, really didn’t consider consent in his excessive persistence the night before – very problematic.

Outfit 2323. ‘Everybody Wants to Be Us’

Andy wears a green petticoat dress, a black bolero, a mustard clutch, and a silver choker, and she finally throws her phone in the fountain after taking nearly a year to realise Runway wasn’t her scene.

24. The Physical ManifestationOutfit 24 of the Moral

She literally strikes a balance between before and after. She has the best of both worlds. She knows herself. Her boyfriend takes her back. I don’t know how I feel about the ending of the movie anymore, but in any case: Andy wears a brown leather jacket, a black turtleneck, a brown satchel, dark wash jeans, a long necklace (probably Chanel, just because), and brown heeled boots.

There we go! That’s all twenty-four outfits Andy wears in The Devil Wears Prada. Twenty-four outfits are a lot to go through. I have mad respect to the stylists on that movie. Except for that butterfly outfit. What was that?  

Maja Hollmann


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