The Best Masquerade Looks of All Time

Here at Concrete Catwalk, we’re getting excited for our masquerade event on the 30th October. But, when dressing for a theme it can be hard to know what to wear. To help you out, I asked a few of the bloggers for their favourite masquerade looks, and put together an article with some outfit inspiration for the belles of the ball.

Cinderella story.jpegA Cinderella Story

Ok, I’ll admit, Sam’s meringue-like dress from A Cinderella Story may be more 00s appropriate, but this iconic look is still legendary today. Take inspiration from the way Sam coordinates her accessories with her dress, for example her simple curved mask, which is covered in white lace to match her bodice. Although the style of Sam’s dress is dated, the corset detailing is a trend that is back on the high street and more popular than ever. Above all, props to Sam for wearing what looks like a wedding dress to a high school dance- it just goes to show that you should wear what you love.

Gossip Girlgossip girl.jpg

Gossip Girl has long been a source of outfit inspiration, and the looks from their iconic masquerade party are no exception. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf in a classic black dress, complete with a touch of sparkle. For something more unique, take inspiration Serena van der Woodsen’s vibrant outfit, and choose a brightly coloured dress to stand out from the crowd. If a strong colour palate is uncertain territory, you can always tone it down with neutral accessories. Finally, add a (faux) fur jacket to keep you warm on a chilly St Andrews night.

Romeo and juliet.jpg

Romeo & Juliet

I’m talking Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 adaptation here. Juliet keeps things classic, but elegant, in a fitted white dress with a timeless square neckline. A horizontal band of fabric, tied at the back, nips in her waist, and creates an hourglass shape. Like Juliet’s extravagant angel wings, keeping your outfit simple means you can make a statement with your mask and accessories.

Vampire Diariesvampire diaries.jpg

Katherine Pierce’s slinky LBD is the antithesis of Juliet’s white gown, and perhaps the easiest outfit inspiration in this article, especially if you’re looking for some last-minute styling advice. In Katherine’s look, the black lace which covers her mini dress adds a gothic touch, accentuated by the curving mask she wears. A classic red lip is the finishing touch.

Marie Antoinette

marie antoinette.jpgPerhaps the most interesting detail of Marie Antoinette’s masquerade costume, from the 2006 Sofia Coppola film, is the mask itself. Unlike the other attendees, with their overly extravagant masks, Marie wears a simple strip of black lace across her eyes, creating a striking contrast. This costume shows just how creative a mask can be when you think outside the box.

There are still tickets available for tonight’s event, so head over to fixr to get yours now!


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