Trends On Instagram That Won’t Go Away (And How You Can Wear Them Too!)

unnamed-7.pngDresses with leather jackets and combat boots

Dresses are great because they are so versatile. Wear them with trainers and you have a more laid back, but still cute, look, or wear them with heels and you’re ready to go out for a fancy dinner. However, if you’re bored with the usual trainers or heels, wearing a leather jacket and combat boots adds a really cool and edgy side to a dress. This trend has been across many platforms on instagram, and also seems to be a look that won’t go away!

Our suggestions:




All white

This trend has been going around for a little while, but can be seen on more platforms unnamed-9recently. It seems all influential instagrammers are wearing some form of all-white outfit. Each influencer has their own take on this attire, either matching their white pieces or even wearing several shades of white and off-white. While this trend might seem a little daunting, it isn’t as hard as you’d think.  

An easy way to try out this trend yourself? White dungarees, white t-shirt, and white trainers.

Our suggestions:




Bright Sunglasses

unnamed-6Popular amongst LA or NYC locals, bright and boxy sunglasses are dominating the IG scene. These accessories are super easy to elevate any outfit — on your way to class or just around town. Sunglasses can be found anywhere. Simply choose a fun pair of boxy and bright specs. A great place to find these? Vintage shops or markets! 


The classic french look has been unnamed-5.pngaround for a while, but it has only surfaced in the IG world in the last couple years. This look is obviously here to stay as it can be found in warm or cold weather climates — and is an easy, go-to way to make a boring outfit look classy or a night out outfit look edgy. For the chilly St. Andrews weather, style blazers with trousers or jeans, a sweater, and a blazer. Accessorize as you wish!   

Blazers we love:


Bright colours

unnamed-4.pngWhile the all-white minimalist look has been dominating, there is also a large sect of people doing the exact opposite. Bright, neon colours can be found on many influencers, and this easy to wear trend can be worn by anyone.  

How to style this trend yourself?

  1. With a blazer (taking inspo from the last trend!). Wear a more subdued outfit, and a bright-colored blazer with it. Like this one from topshop:
  2. For a more relaxed look, wear bright-colored shoes and a t-shirt.
  3. Go all out! Mix and match colors and patterns. 


What trends are you seeing on Insta? Have you tried to emulate any styles for yourself? Let us know on FB or Insta – or comment below.


Madeline Silton




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