No Denim For A Week

This month I decided to challenge myself to not wear denim for an entire week. Seven full days without my fall wardrobe staple, how hard could it be, right? Well, at the beginning thought- no denim, no problem! And while things started off easily enough, I hit a mid-week slump before I begrudgingly re-committed myself to this challenge. I would never have guessed that it would be this hard to style seven outfits sans-jeans.

Day 1: Sunday

The week started out deceptively easy. I paired my favorite black skirt with my well worn leather boots (seriously I’ve owned them since I was 13). And looked infinitely more pulled together than I have any other Sunday in recent history.

Top: Club Monaco (something similar here)

Skirt: Club Monaco (something similar here)

Boots: Lucky (similar ones here and here)


Day 2: Monday 


This outfit was the easiest to style of the week because it wasn’t very far off from my standard fall uniform of jeans and a sweater.

Sweater: 525 American (find it here)

Pants: Anthropologie (similar ones here and here)

Boots: Tory Burch (find them here)



Day 3: Tuesday    

fullsizeoutput_4e3I chose this outfit more out of laziness than anything else. The great thing about dresses is you don’t have to match them to anything; and as an added bonus this sweater dress basically felt like I was wearing pajamas all day.

Dress: Free People (something similar here)

Boots: Lucky 




Day 4: Wednesday   


I hit a mid-week slump on Wednesday and ended up wearing my athletic gear the entire day. No word on if I actually made it to the gym or not though.

Sweatshirt: Athleta (get it here)

Leggings: Athleta (find similar ones here)

Sneakers: Nike (find similar ones here and here)




Day 5: Thursday   



In an attempt to redeem myself from Wednesday’s less than spectacular sweats inspired look I rummaged through the back of my closet and found these fun blue culottes. This look was the most outside my comfort zone of the week and also, I think, the most fun.

Pants: Banana Republic (super similar ones here)

Sweater: J. Crew (similar ones here and here)

Boots: Honestly, no idea (but find similar ones here and here)


Day 6: Friday   


As the week went on and my closet started to dwindle down, I repurposed this jacket as a dress and went for my second blue monochrome outfit in as many days. (fun fact: blue is my ultimate favorite color)

Top: Benetton (something similar here)

Boots (same as above).  

Day 7: Saturday 



For the final day of this challenge I paired the world’s comfiest trousers with a pink top and matching sneakers. This outfit was perfect for running around in and was a comfiest last look to try.

Top: Brooks Brothers (get it here)

Pants: Nordstrom (find similar ones here and here)

Sneakers: Nike (same as above)



While this challenge was just that, a challenge, I absolutely loved it! I didn’t realize just how often I rely on denim to build my outfits or how many other cute looks I could put together. Not allowing myself to wear denim for a week forced me look beyond my jean jacket and denim drawer. It was like going shopping in my own closet, I re-discovered old pieces that I usually just glanced over but never wore. This challenge will definitely help me be more denim-conscious in the future and push me to try new outfits outside my comfort zone.











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