I Let My Mum Dress Me For A Week

baby t 2I’ve never been one to raid my mum’s wardrobe. Sure, she has some nice pieces I borrow now and again, and I think she dresses herself stylishly, but our personal tastes are far from similar. Still, at one time she chose all my outfits, and looking back at my childhood photos, the running theme of princess dresses and blocky Clarks shoes were just what 6-year-old Talia loved.

So, I thought maybe it was time to give my mum another chance. In the name of all things fashion, I handed the reigns of my wardrobe over to her for the first time in 10 years and let her dress me for a week!

Day 1: Lecturesfullsizeoutput_2e1

I have very mixed feelings about this outfit. I like it as a whole, but it’s made up of pieces that linger in the back of my wardrobe because they’re just not quite right- the trousers aren’t the perfect shape and the yellow of the top is bit overwhelming in a turtleneck. I think the use of black in the jacket and boots is a nice way to break up the look, but I’d probably stick to trainers for day-to-day styling. Overall, I don’t dislike this outfit, but I’d certainly make a few tweaks.

Day 2: Library


Not a bad choice, mum! This is something that I’d probably wear to the library myself. It’s been a while since I styled this turtleneck, but its cosy, Scandi-chic vibe means it’s going to be a regular in my wardrobe again. I think the rips in the jeans add a bit of interest to an otherwise casual look, but their relaxed fit means they’re still comfy for a day of study. I’d definitely wear this again.

Day 3: Night out fullsizeoutput_2d9

Again, the button dress and over-the-knee boots aren’t too far removed from a normal night out outfit for me, and it felt nice to be wearing something that wasn’t just ‘jeans and a nice top’ for once. The scarf is a bit of a rogue choice, and not something I’d usually reach for- although my mum insisted on this accessory for the whole ‘Parisian chic’ look she was going for. The beret though? I couldn’t do it. No one should be wearing a beret in 601, sorry mum.

fullsizeoutput_2dfDay 4: Coffee with the girls

I love this outfit! I’m getting major 70s vibes from the flares and floral top, which, I suppose, is rather fitting, being the decade of my mum’s teenage years. However, it’s a trend that’s come back around to the here and now, with 70s-inspired outfits popping up all over the catwalk, so I don’t feel outdated. I particularly like the little pieces of gold jewellery, which add the finishing touches to the look.

Day 5: A Date

fullsizeoutput_2d5This was the biggest risk of the week. Could I really trust my mum to choose an outfit for the time when I want to feel the most confident? Turns out, I can. She chose my go-to black trousers, always flattering with their high waist and peg leg shape, but paired them unexpectedly with my cropped printed blouse. It works because the trousers are such a neutral piece- they allow the top to shine without over-complicating the look. It might not be daytime date attire, but I felt cute for an evening out.

Looking back over this week, I’ve surprisingly enjoyed this experiment. My mum dug up some long-forgotten items, and whilst I think some will be staying in the back of my wardrobe for good, there’s more than a few that I’m going to start regularly wearing again. My favourite look of the bunch has to be the flared jeans and floral top combo. My mum knew what she was doing in the 70s, and it still very much works for 2018.

So, thanks mum! You definitely know what suits me. Now it’s my turn to style you, right…?  

Talia Maggs-Rapport


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