Why are bicycle shorts a trend?

Okay, this may be an unpopular opinion but I’m really not a fan of the bicycle shorts trend. Now hear me out. It just doesn’t make any sense to me; you’re not going for a thirty-mile cycle ride, so why do you need to dress like you are? With all the other trends that we could choose to follow at the moment, such as beautiful, bold animal prints and warm, oversized puffy coats, why do people seem so fixated on such a random and impractical pair of shorts? For me it doesn’t matter whether you choose to keep them casual and stick with the athleisure vibe, or dress them up with a pair of heels and an image1-2oversized blazer, they’re just going to look awkward.

I believe it was Kim Kardashian who brought this style back into popularity, as it seems to be the case with most hot trends these days. I am not arguing that Kim K doesn’t look good or is any less of a trendsetter, but I simply cannot wrap my head around why such a trend came about in the first place. These shorts were initially popular in the 70s, when workout gear was at an all-time high in terms of creativity and boldness. However, we are not in the 70s and I doubt anyone who is wearing these shorts is actually going to a workout class.  

When I first saw her wearing these shorts I was perplexed. Despite how put together Kimfullsizeoutput_22d.jpeg looks, the proportions of the outfit are asymmetrical and unbalanced; the sweater is so top-heavy compared to the biker shorts that just looking at the outfit drives me crazy. I understand that this is just a personal opinion, but seriously? I can’t fathom why someone, especially someone whose body is as incredible as Kim’s, would want to walk around in such an unflattering get up. I have always, and will always, love fashion, but this trend tests my limits on how much I really and truly understand it.

My second thought when I saw this trend was whether or not these biker shorts are actually comfortable. Now,  I am a huge advocate for comfortable fashion, which is why I adore athleisure on the whole. And on first glance these shorts may seem comfortable, being as they’re basically just leggings with the bottoms cut off. From my personal experience, however, I can assure you they are not. When I tried this latest trend for myself there was a constant irritable discomfort around my thighs, which frankly made the whole image2experience simply  unenjoyable. So when I think about pairing these shorts with stiff blazers and intricately made heels, I can almost feel how uncomfortable the outfit would be. I literally cringe at the thought of wearing something like this. Extreme as that may seem, it’s true. Who would want to walk around with the weird feeling of overly tight, way-too-long shorts and an uncomfortable jumbo-blazer? Well, apparently everyone in Hollywood.

I consider this trend to be a very strange take on athleisure. It started out as a casual way to take athleisure into the warmer weather, but it has now transformed into a phenomenon of its own. The fact that these shorts can be seen at high-end parties and red-carpet events is in my opinion disappointing. And I believe this for two main reasons: Firstly, the meaning behind athleisure was to be comfortable and depart from the discomfort of high-fashion. These biker shorts are removing the comfort from athleisure and, in a sense, eliminating its true essence. Secondly, they’re just plain ugly. I mean, really, how could these shorts actually be considered high-fashion? Whatever the psychology behind it is, I just hope that with winter fast approaching, these shorts begin to disappear from my timeline.    

Elizabeth Gufferman



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