A fresh take on fashion inspiration

When asked what her fashion inspiration was, Talia Maggs-Rapport answered with the essence of ‘Concrete Catwalk’, street style. ‘Concrete Catwalk’ was set up as a celebration of St Andrews street style, and in this piece Talia highlights why street style is such an important part of the contemporary fashion scene, and how you can use it as inspiration for your daily outfits. 

40658689_326999368056492_1098319293315022848_nWhen I say ‘fashion inspiration’, who springs to mind? Perhaps it’s Audrey Hepburn’s retro elegance? Maybe it’s Alexa Chung’s boho vibes? Or could it be Kate Moss’s oh-so-cool style? These sartorial icons, along with a wealth of other celebrities, models, and even fictional characters have shaped the way we dress. But in a world where fashion trends can be found on every screen, page, and feed, do we still search out stars for style inspiration? Or do we just follow what we see in the media?

I’d argue that fashion inspiration can come from all around us, if you know just where to look.

Whilst celebrity style icons have their place in the fashion industry, I’d say my biggest inspiration comes from the street style I see every day. I find that having this as my main fashion inspiration gives me more sartorial freedom than religiously following one person’s style. Whilst I might not covet an entire outfit I see someone wearing, I’ll often note bits and pieces that I’d like to find something similar to, or style in a different way. What’s more, being inspired by street style leads me to more creative fashion choices, as I often find myself looking for trends or concepts, rather than set outfits. Whilst catwalk items can often appear challenging to wear, street style breaks these trends down into looks that are easier to recreate.

The items I see out and about are often both more affordable and accessible than40684101_876678839188900_5354886068405534720_n those worn by the big names in fashion. For the most part, I can find pieces similar to those I’ve seen people wearing in high street stores. In addition, I also love to visit local markets, especially ones where other students re-purpose their unwanted clothes and sell them on, which is both a cheaper, and more sustainable way to find fashion gems.

fullsizeoutput_20aAdmittedly, not every outfit you see someone wearing is going to inspire you, but street style isn’t only found outdoors. Many Instagram pages, blogs, and websites are devoted to street style from around the world, perfect for those who like to have their daily dose of fashion inspiration before leaving the house in the morning. The transition away from classic style icons, and towards street style is increasingly apparent as fashion becomes digitised. On every Instagram explore feed you can find a wealth of street style inspiration, and this is also reflected in many magazines, who are beginning to feature photographs of people on the street just as frequently as those on the catwalk. So, let’s ditch the traditions of fashion icons, and turn to the people we see around us for fashion inspiration. Not only will your taste be able to update and evolve, but it’ll give your sense of style a new lease of life so you’ll have more creativity with your wardrobe too.

Talia Maggs-Rapport



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