How To: Tiny Sunglasses

The appearance of ‘The Matrix’ style slim-line sunglasses, such as these from Topshop, has, to be honest, totally taken me by surprise, and not in a good way. Picture1


I am quite narrow minded when it comes to sunglasses so maybe thats why. I know what suits me and I tend not to stray away, probably because when you get sunglasses wrong you really get it wrong and I am a little bit terrified of that. But maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe the trick is wearing them even if you think they don’t suit you and thats what actually makes them look good? If that makes any sense at all.


If you are Gigi Hadid and simply stepping out of a door attracts all media attention and starts six new trends then you can, by all means, where any pair of sunglasses that you like.

Picture1 sun

But then maybe it’s not only their fame that makes everything they wear look brand new and completely fabulous. Maybe the secret is just a little bit of extra confidence.

My issue with these sunglasses is that they are such an unflattering shape and I know for a fact that I suit bigger frames because I have an oval face. I am so worried that if I wore sunglasses like this my face would basically look huge.

But, I really do not want to become a person that rules out a trend because they do not feel brave enough; I kind of think that that goes against all of my fashion philosophies (yes I have fashion philosophies). My absolute motto when it comes to clothes is simply you can wear anything you like whenever and wherever you want to. I will not let a pair of sunglasses defeat me.

You may think I am totally overreacting, all this fuss about a pair of sunglasses? But it isn’t simply about the sunglasses, its about being brave, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things which are all key when it comes to personal style. You don’t have to wear something simply because its a current trend or because you saw Zigi wearing it, but you also should not not wear it just because you are worried it won’t suit you.

The trick to wearing anything is, as always, confidence and I am going to get myself a pair of these sunglasses in an attempt to open my own eyes and widen my fashion ‘limits’. I have no idea if they’ll look good but if I’m honest that isn’t all that important; if I wear them thinking that they look good then chances are they will.

Henrietta Easton

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