Three Trends to Try This Spring

I’ll admit it, spring fashion may not be top of the agenda right now. With the arrival of the ‘beast from the East’, snowy St Andrews seems to be firmly receding back into the winter months, and dressing for warmer weather has been somewhat overlooked by dressing to stay warm. However, spring break is here, and like many of the student population, I’m heading off to what I hope will be a considerably better climate than Scotland. A look ahead to the Spring 2018 fashion trends promises a season full of vibrant colour, glam accessories, and lots of decorative detail.




Surprise surprise, the classic combination of spring and pastels doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. However, pastel dressing doesn’t have to be prissy- chose bold shapes or structured pieces for a less ethereal look. Lilac seems to be the go-to colour this spring, appearing on runways from Victoria Beckham to Céline. If lilac’s not your thing, there’s a multitude of other shades out there- the more ice-cream-cone like, the better.







Dressy Shorts28580750_2054733084537615_1835895205_o

No longer just for holiday dressing, shorts seem to be a key player in this year’s spring trends. Shorts have appeared both dressed-up, with a matching blazer, or dressed-down, with flowy tops. High-waisted and belted seems to be at the core of this trend, and this style will flatter any figure. Somewhat unexpectedly, cycling shorts have popped up across the spring 2018 runways, often layered under other pieces. The jury’s out on how far this trend will go, but if you’re looking to really spice up your spring wardrobe, these are your in.




Although a variety of textures have appeared for spring 2018, plastic seems to be this season’s most popular one. Although it may seem like a difficult trend to try, consider investing in a plastic rain mac, as seen at Chanel, great for spring showers, and perfect for festivals later in the year. Transparency is the way to go here, seen across everything from boots to hats.

So, if you’re shopping for the warmer weather, or just looking to experiment with some pieces already in your wardrobe, why not embrace these spring 2018 trends!


Talia Maggi-Rapport



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