How to Dress for Spring When It Feels Nothing Like Spring

Admittedly, the past couple of days have been sunny-ish, but this piece was put together when the weather was unbelievably temperamental, and knowing Scotland, I’m going to bet it goes back to being that way very soon.

Summer clothing lines have just been introduced to stores as we are given a sneak peak of what we will be wearing in a couple of months’ time. If you’re like me, you are keen for fashion to move on to the next stage: it has been Winter for far too long. This frustration has only been compounded by the distinct lack of Sping-ness in the recent weeks, what with the Beast from the East and the weather varying from sun to rain to snow all within a morning. Getting dressed in the morning is no longer just about checking the temperature on your weather app or looking out the window, as we know well and good that Scotland simply cannot be trusted.

For that reason, I have styled a couple of outfits to show how I try to best the weather.

Look One


This first one is for if you are of the opinion colour is your friend and not your enemy (it is Spring after all). The main things to point out about this look are:

The Cowboy Boot

It is everywhere, and most importantly, it is THE boot to own for the upcoming Winter (I know, we just got over this one, let it be Summer!!). As much as I hear that, you are going to want this boot in a couple of months, so why not buy it now? That way you have a shoe that is versatile and works in snow, but that is also fresh and looks forward rather than back.



The Cardigan

You may be thinking: Where is the cardigan here?! And you’d be right, it is elusive. This is the beauty of the cardigan.


I bought this one from ASOS and never looked back. Yes, they may seem like something your gran would wear, but the cardigan has truly given me a new perspective on layering; you don’t need to hide your colourful, Sping-like top underneath a jumper.





Look Two

This is for the monochrome lovers amongst us (I fit in there too, for the most part). This look is painfully simple and yet seems chic enough to look like effort has been put in.


The White Boot

Admittedly, this boot is highly impractical for snow, but the beauty is that it’s therefore the perfect transitional boot. As days get slightly brighter, and not warmer, this boot is great for keeping your feet warm, and at the same time seeming fresh and current. It is also a great way of breaking up a black outfit.



Tiny Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a HUGE topic right now. Ironic I know, as the most fashionable ones right now are tiny.  These little ones were found on Depop for a reasonable price, and they’re a great accessory to wear during Spring: they make you think of Summer and liven up any warm and Wintery outfit you may be forced to wear due to the temperature.

In any case, I hope these outfits suggest that Winter-Spring dressing doesn’t have to be bleak. Although, I am mostly just hopeful that the weather improves.


Rachel Brown

Photography: Anna Dunlop

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