Winter/Spring: What to wear to bridge the gap?

It’s this horrible time of year: it’s cold, but not freezing, and you don’t know what to wear. It seems perpetually cloudy and windy, so you can’t even use a cute umbrella to upscale your outfit choices. Here are some of our fool-proof ways to beat the chill, but also bring some springtime life into what you’re wearing. 


Culottes can be a cold girl’s best friend. These ankle swingers give ideal motion and movement, but can also keep you warm against that February chill. If you run cold, it might be worth purchasing a strong woollen pair which will last season after season. These ones from White Stuff should cover all eventualities – and they’re reasonably priced for good quality fabric:


Cashmere Jumpers

Before you accuse me of being ostentatious, a cashmere jumper is an amazing investment for the post-winter period. It will keep your warmer than course wool, whilst also soft and comfortable for roaming around the town. Take note that they do require care and attention, but that attention is worth it for this investment piece. Good bargains can be found at, believe it or not, Marks and Spencer. It may seem like somewhere your mum likes to shop, but you can’t go wrong with a black cardigan – can you?

Silk Scarves

A classic look which has lasted from the 1930s to now, the silk scarf has an irrevocable love affair with the spring fashion season. Silk, or even satin, scarves add a levity to heavy woollen look. It’s an easy way to add a statement colour, without overwhelming the outfit – and getting cold in the process. House of Fraser do a reasonable selection, at several price points. A floral, because it’s spring, Ted Baker number can be found here:


The ‘light’ jacket

A bomber, a raincoat, your Saints Sports stash – a ‘light’ jacket is your main statement piece for the winter-spring hybrid. It’s important to get something that’s waterproof – well, we do live on the East Coast of Scotland – and hardy. However, there are plenty of great waterproof options which can be fitted and cute for you to get around. Gone are the hazmat blue macs that you were forced to wear outdoors in Games lessons and in are bright colours, tight fits and tapered hoods. This spring, the yellow raincoat seems to be becoming the ultimate trend in a light jacket; cute, calm and you can look like you’re having a good. The aptly named Lighthouse does a cute option here:


We hope we have solved some of your winter-spring worries. If all else fails, grab a backpack and include layers – your best friend in the cold winter months.

Georgia Davies

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