How to incorporate Chanel’s autumn/winter 2018 into your wardrobe

If you have not seen Chanel’s autumn/winter 2018 fashion show, then you are missing out! It reminded me that fashion weeks are not just about models walking up and down a runway, they are a celebration of art . For Chanel’s show at Paris Fashion Week, Le Grand Palais was transformed into a lifelike forest as trees lined the runway, and the backdrop of painted trees seemed to make the forest extend infinitely. The contrast between Chanel’s signature structured tailoring and the natural structure of the forest created an image that was truly beautiful. Now, we might not be able to recreate a forest runway in our little seaside town, however there are still ways you can incorporate a little bit of Chanel style into your wardrobe.

Oversized scarves  

To ease yourself into a Chanel wardrobe, why not try an oversized scarf? These do not only add effortless style to your outfit, making it appear like you have put a lot of thought into your look, when realistically you have just thrown something on that covers everything else you are wearing. But they are also a lifesaver as they keep you toasty in this savage Scottish weather we seem to be having. Throw on an oversized scarf as you walk out the door, and feel effortlessly chic in your Chanel-inspired outfit.


Try this ASOS scarf (for a fraction of the price…): 8325263-1-brown










CHA0545While metalics and a forest may not be a natural pairing, that does not mean that they are not suitably stunning. The juxtaposition of the shine of bronze and gold material against the autumnal colours of the forest, created something truly special. And you too can incorporate metallics in your wardrobe; whether it be a subtle metallic thread in a jumper or pair of tights, or a metallic maxi skirt, there are many ways to add this on-trend tone to your look. Don’t be scared, metallics work for a daytime look as a well as in the nighttime. download



Check out this Debenham’s skirt:




Knee-high boots 2018-Catwalk-Chanel-Winter

Connected to the metallic motif running through the show, Chanel’s gold metallic boots were iconic. Trading in the over-the-knee style for one just below the knee, or if you are not of model stature a knee-high boot, the models looked ready for autumn/winter in their stylish alternative to a welly. If you do not, however, want to wear gold boots on a daily basis, you can give a nod towards the trend by getting yourself a pair of knee-high boots. You could go for a fail-safe black or brown, or mix it up with a burgundy pair which will add an unexpected, subtle pop of colour. 9136028287006






Mismatched earrings

the-chanel-bag-everyone-will-be-carrying-in-6-months-2658067.700x0cFormerly seen as a trademark of kooky fashionistas, the mismatched earring is now having its time on the high fashion stage. Chanel’s models were dressed with the classic combination of one stud and one drop earring. Now with many retailers catering for this trend, it can be easy for you to find a pair of mismatched earrings, you too can easily rock the mismatched earring.

Bold pop of colour

chanel-fall-winter-2018-runway-251394-1520357872777-main.800x0ucAlthough black and neutral colours were the foundation of the collection, pops of blog colours were included throughout. This is an easily achievable look to recreate through the inclusion of brightly coloured accessories, be this a bag, a necklace, or if you really want to achieve Chanel style status a pair of gloves.    download (1)




Now with these little additions to your wardrobe you’ll look like you just stepped off the catwalk.




Grace Thorner

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