I Didn’t Wear Skinny Jeans for a Week and This is What Happened

Looking back at photos from these past two years that I’ve been at university it’s clear that, without a doubt, my style has already started to evolve significantly. I’ve discovered that there are other shoes out there apart from my Adidas Stan Smiths. I’ve also learnt that one coat does not suit all outfits (obviously giving me the excuse to buy a ridiculous amount of other coats to stop this ever happening again).

However, something that has stuck with me all this time is the ‘skinny jean obsession’. It has begun to look like I own no other trousers. My other jeans are just sitting in my wardrobe gathering dust, and because it’s so much easier to throw on my skinny jeans and a jumper, I feared this rut would just continue.

So this week, I set myself the challenge of wearing anything other than my beloved Topshop Jamie Jeans, and this is how I got on.

Sunday- Straight Leg Jeans

Suzie 1

I have owned these Straight Leg Jeans from Topshop for so long and have been too scared to wear them. I worried anything less fitted than a skinny jean would mean that I look 5 sizes bigger than I actually am, but a belt and a fitted jumper, tucked in, solved this immediately.

I wore these with my Timberland boots, and a puffer jacket, in order to face the remaining snow that was outside.
Monday- Mom Jeans


Branching out slightly further, I wore my Mom jeans today (you will probably notice my wardrobe is mainly made up of Topshop). Sticking with the same formula of a fitted jumper and a belt, this outfit also wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be. Facing the bad weather once again, I wore this with my puffer coat, and my Adidas Stan Smiths, which as you can see, are very well loved.

Tuesday- Denim Skirt

Suzie3A skirt was not a brave option for me, as my wardrobe is half full of them. However, they are normally only brought out in the evenings, or if I’ve actually had time to put some thought into my outfit. So, I did feel quite dressed up for my lectures today, and put together. This skirt is (surprise, surprise) new from Topshop, with the sporty looking stripes down the side. I can confirm, this is the closest I came to feeling remotely sporty this whole week.

Wednesday- CulottesSuzie4

If you’re a keen reader of Concrete Catwalk, you will remember a blog a while ago where each blogger had to face one of their fashion fears. My biggest fashion fear was culottes. However, since then, they have slowly been making more appearances in my outfits. Any excuse to wear something that are basically pyjamas, but acceptable to go out in, I will take. Shockingly, these are not from Topshop, and are instead, Zara.



Thursday- Straight Leg JeansSuzie5

Today I woke up late and had to get ready very quickly, a time where I could usually just pick up my skinny jeans and wear them with anything. However, I used the same approach with these jeans instead and found they paired with anything just as easily. This is a jumper I regularly wear, however, instead of just throwing it on, I tucked it into a belt to make sure I didn’t look too shapeless, and I think it worked pretty well! This is a very standard outfit for me, and all I did was change the jeans.



Friday- Flared Trousers

Meet the new love of my life, flared trousers. These are the ribbed flared trousers from (take a wild guess…) Topshop, and they just feel like wearing leggings, but look so much better. This style of trousers is also great because they elongate your legs, making them look longer and slimmer. I wore them with these slip on shoes with a slightly thicker sole than normal, which I think looks especially good with this style of trouser.


Saturday- SkirtSuzie7

Feeling extremely put together today, I wore my over the knee boots with an A-Line denim skirt from (you guessed it) Topshop, and an oversized jumper. Again, this is an outfit that I really like but rarely put together as I always seem to be running late for something, and have no time to think.

Overall, I think this week was a big success. It turns out, mixing up what trousers I wear doesn’t actually require that much more thought in the mornings. The majority of the time, I felt a lot more put together than I normally do, and liked the change. Although I will always love my skinny jeans, I feel I learnt a lot from our break, mainly that I really should start branching out from Topshop…

Suzie Rawling


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