Scaramanga Look Book

We are once again, very excited to be working alongside Scaramanga, putting together this exclusive photoshoot, featuring two of their unique, handcrafted backpacks.

Scaramanga is a British brand, based with a shop in Cupar, but fundamentally they exist online. The store sells leather bags of all shapes and styles, ranging from a satchels and backpacks, to tote and weekend bags. The company caters for both males and females, with a lot of the bags being flexible and suiting both genders. As well as providing original and unique bags, they also supply various pieces of original furniture, which have mainly been restored or up-cycled.

Perhaps the most important thing about the brand is how sustainable the whole creative process is. As well as the design and selection process being very personal, the owner and founder of Scaramanga being involved in all decisions, hand selecting everything, the creation process, all the way down to the suppliers of the leather, is extremely thoughtful. The company is 10 years old, and have been working with the same leather craftsmen since the very first bag. Growing and developing with these suppliers has ensured the process is sustainable for both parties. The tanning process of the leather is also all eco-friendly, with natural products used instead of chemicals. With thoughtfulness being a key feature of the brand, it makes me personally, even more likely to invest in them.


The two bags featured are the Leather and Canvas Backpack for Men (a women’s version is available), and the Small Leather and Canvas Backpack.


This first bag is the Leather and Canvas Backpack. Made from distressed, light green canvas, with brown leather details, it is extremely versatile and very hardwearing. With the leather being handcrafted, and the canvas hand dyed, each bag is individual and no two are identical. As the bag is worn, it will become more and more unique to yourself, adding another personal touch to the whole process, which I especially liked.

This backpack is very spacious, and suitable for a whole range of purposes. For students, it’s a perfect size, with your books and laptop being able to fit in easily. There are also two small pockets for valuables (or, in my case, all your pens, so you don’t have to rummage through all the receipts and wrappers at the bottom of your bag during lectures!). The adjustable leather straps also make the bag very comfortable to wear, and carry around with you all day.DSC_0650

If you are ready from a break from work, this bag is also perfect, and big enough, for a short trip away. Its large enough to pack all your essentials for at least a weekend (depending on how heavy you pack…). Not only in usage, but this backpack is also very flexible in terms of who can wear it. Suiting all genders and styles, this bag is muted enough not to overpower any outfit, and makes a change from a boring, plain backpack.

The Small Leather and Canvas Backpack is suited a lot more to day trips, and events. Like
DSC_0690the larger backpack, it is made out of light green, distressed canvas, with brown leather details. The smaller size makes it a lot easier to just grab and go, fitting your essentials for a last minute day out, or simply running errands around town.

Although small, and perfect for fitting minimal necessities in, it is still a suitable size to take as an overnight bag, or for a longer daytime event, like a festival, where you need to be able to take more than just a purse and keys. With a drawstring at the top, to secure all your possessions, there is definitely room for some books and an iPad.

As we walked around between locations for this shoot, I did notice how both the bags were not too dissimilar to what a lot of other students were wearing. I would always choose a backpack over a tote bag or a satchel, especially as a student where what I’m carrying around is heavy, and normally both my hands are also full of all kinds of other bags. The casual, worn in and distressed look of these leather bags does suit what a lot of average St Andrews students wear, including myself. Due to the neutral colours, and such classic designs, both these bags would suit a variety of styles and can be paired with most colours. Being a town full of individual style and unique fashion, these more personal bags fit in perfectly, for anyone.


These popular, handcrafted, unique bags have recently been restocked! So, act quickly so you can get your hands on one. I definitely will be!


Suzie Rawling

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