‘Gal’entine’s Day

What would February be without the 14th? Traditionally celebrated as the month of romance, the 14th marks the day of love’s public declaration. For one day a year society encourages us to declare our love for our beloved, requited or not, with the sending of an anonymous card, or the invitation to a (usually overpriced) dinner. For those with requiting partners, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion. But for those without, it can be a cruel, or just damned right annoying, reminder that we haven’t yet found ‘The One’. If you find yourself reading this and relate to the latter, we have the perfect solution: ‘Gal’entine’s Day. The substitute, ‘Pal’entine’s Day, is also acceptable to avoid the exclusion of man pals.

Instead of spending the evening scrolling through cringe-worthy posts on social media – or if you like to embody the occasional teen chick flick stereotype, crying into a tub of your two favourite men, Ben & Jerry – why not forgo social pressures and get a group of your best gals (or pals) together and make a night of it. In or out, we’ve got some ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day plan alternative, and of course some outfits to match.

Night In

Nothing beats a clichéd movie night with the girls: grab the popcorn and the wine, and indulge in your guilty pleasure rom-com. We suggest the classics; How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, Sleepless In Seattle…pick your medicine. And why not spend the money you’d other wise blow on candy hearts and giant personalised teddy bears on a set of luxury matching PJs. Guaranteed to last longer than most lovers, a luxury matching set will make you feel as good as any man or woman can.

We suggest something from Figleaves or The White Company: bloody comfy and looks better than the pizza-stained ex-boyfriend sweatpants you haven’t washed in longer than you’d care to admit. The oyster silk White Company set could also double as daytime wear – see our post on pyjamas as daywear for style advice!

Untitled design (3).png

Night Out

If a night in doesn’t quite float your boat, then knock a couple back and head off for a taste of St. Andrews’ unrivalled ‘nightlife’. How about dinner, drinks, and more drinks? To avoid the hoards of loved up couples, we would suggest opting for a more relaxed restaurant – think Blackhorn or Mammacita rather than the no doubt overbooked Forgan’s and The Seafood Restaurant. After your grub, take a trip to the Adamson for cocktails and drown your sorrows in one or two (or three or four) love potions. Once suitably drunk, finish the night off by hitting the sports team sweat-bucket that is the union on a Wednesday. Guaranteed to be ram packed with people similarly fed up with the romantic festivities, or looking for a temporary partner in want of a bit of old-fashioned hanky panky, you can talk, drink, dance (or hump) in the 15th when the world will return to a state of unsentimental normalcy.

For a possible outfit idea, we suggest some sort of wrap dress or top – easy to take off at the end of the night, flopping into your own bed or whoever else’s – in either a pattern or silky material, sure to turn heads as you shimmy on by.

Untitled design (2)

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this CC post! Go forth and frolic in St Andrews; whatever it is you choose to do today!


By ‘Guest Writer’, you’ll never know.

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