New Trend: The Rodeo

Unknown to most people, the St Andrews Student Union hosted possibly the most on trend, and fashionable event of the year at Refreshers week: The Rodeo. Only until I sat in bed, hungover, on Thursday morning, my checked shirt hung up in my wardrobe (where it will likely stay untouched for another year) did I realise that everywhere I looked there was Western inspired clothing and accessories. If only we had all known beforehand, it could have been the perfect excuse to invest in a whole new selection of trend pieces for the upcoming season.

Usually this kind of trend would not have caught my attention as I am usually very careful and picky with which statement pieces enter my wardrobe. This season has taken a cleaner, more structured and tailored approach to the Wild Wild West. Even though this still won’t appeal to everyone, this seems a lot more wearable, and I personally, am much more willing to give this subtle approach to the western style a try.

Here are a few ways to include this new trend into your wardrobes.

Western Style Belts

These belts are everywhere! Every single high street store seems to be selling them, varying in thickness and amount of detail, allowing anyone to find some variation that would suit them. I have found this style of belt to be perfect for breaking up a plain, simple outfit and adding some extra detail. They are also great if you don’t want to stray from your uniform of black on black on black. Instead of breaking up the outfit with some colour, these belts allow you to break it up with some extra detail instead.


Exposed Stitching, and Stitched Detail



This is generally seen as light-coloured stitching, exposed on thick, dark fabrics. This isless obviously western inspired, and therefore, for those among us who want to add a trend piece into their wardrobes, but nothing too statement. Generally seen on denim, the addition of a tiny bit of detail can make a lot of difference to an otherwise plain outfit.



However, this new detail is also seen as part of Western inspired shirts, which are themost obvious way to incorporate the new trend. These shirts, like the belts, can be seen in most high street stores, varying in detail and style. Zara’s floral western shirt is a lot more subtle, with the white stitching detail being the main indicator of the new trend, however, Topshop have used tassels, a look more for the brave!





As previously mentioned, these have been used as details on many new shirts, jackets, and even skirts. Definitely a bold, statement piece, however, the added texture to an outfit can make it look a whole lot more put together.





Cowboy Boots

Western7Do these boots ever really disappear? I am hesitant to write that they are the ‘next big thing’ though, as I can’t possibly imagine the Over-The-Knee Boot trend being taken over by anything, especially as the Cowboy Boot has always been there alongside it. However, everywhere seems to be pointing to this as the boot to watch.



Suzie Rawling



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