It took me four years of uni to work out my personal style, and I’m still not sure I’ve cracked it

Heading into your last semester of university you are accompanied by a multitude of emotions: mainly bittersweet feelings, alongside slight dread (what am I going to do now?!). Above all though, I would say, is the feeling of nostalgia. Flicking through old pictures (I lead a sad life), I can’t help but feel betrayed by what I’m wearing pretty much all the way through my first 3 years. Obviously, at the time, I thought I had nailed it and a testament to that is thinking that now, a year on, I am, again, ‘nailing it’. As a retrospective piece if you will, just allow me to indulge some of my mistakes:

  • Wearing skinny jeans ALL THE TIME, like did I have no other trousers??? (I know they were in, but they weren’t that in). Also, actually, a moment of silence for drastically over-worn ripped-at-knee jeans.
  • Clunky trainers, and not the good/fashionable kind either.
  • Bad lifestyle choices that extended beyond clothing: I am thinking of one particularly bad haircut. If you knew me during that, thanks for staying with me in those dark times.

Small as these mistakes may be, they do make you cringe when you look back.

Fashion doesn’t date very well (until it goes full circle and things come back in again), and even pictures from a few years ago seem painful. All this means however, is that personal style is an evolutionary process. We think our ‘now’ looks are ‘peak us’, and they are in that moment, and yet a year from now we might look back and wonder whether we got dressed in the dark that day.

I have decided however, that 2018 is different. Whether it be because I am leaving uni this year, or just because my general attitude has changed, I’m unsure, but this year for me it isn’t about conforming to trends. Throughout fashion magazines and tabloids, a theme is emerging: that 2018 is that year of wearing whatever makes you feel good and owning your personal style. Part of fashion will always necessarily be tethered to what is around you and styles that influence you. However, this year I am going to try and take that inspiration as merely a starting point for an outfit, not the end destination.

This may all seem fairly trivial as, unfortunately, much of fashion seems to many. Yet, as I, and others, enter a year that becomes slightly foggy after June, it is all the more important to feel good in yourself, and dress confidently. Dress for the job you want and all that.

Fashion is fickle and we are fickle: we buy things we need and suddenly they aren’t that exciting anymore and we need something else. As a constantly evolving practice, it only serves to reason that we should evolve too.

On the plus side, when skinny-ripped-at-just-the-knee jeans come back in in ten years’ time, I will have plenty of pictures to show just how fashionable I was/am.


Rachel Brown

Blogger Co-ordinator, Concrete Catwalk

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