Day Eight: A Guide to Christmas Themed Accessorising

Matching your accessories to the theme of your celebrations is always tricky, and Christmas time is no exception. There is a very fine line between looking chic and festive, and resembling your Aunt Betsie’s Christmas tree. Now, if the theme is fancy dress, then by all means, deck yourself head to toe in tinsel, hang baubles from your ear lobes, and make a fairy light head band. There are, however, more subtle ways to bring festive cheer to your holiday outfits, by accessorising with Christmas motifs.


star 1Stars are an integral part of Christmas. They can sit on top of the tree, decorate our Christmas cards, and guided the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. By happy coincidence, they are also a very cute design that can be used to jazz up your outfit. The inclusion of star themed jewellery is a stylish way to Christmasify your look without being glaringly obvious, or try a pair of star patterned tights to create fun texture.

star 2


Who doesn’t love a present wrapped up in a bow? The extra something just seems to
make the present that little bit more special and festive. Now, when I say accessorise with a bow, I’m definitely thinking more Blair from Gossip Girl than Britney from Bring It On. The inclusion of a headband adds an interesting dimension to your outfit, and is a nice way to include the idea of a bow. Extra points if it’s sparkly!



greenMaybe it is because my primary school uniform was green, but I’ve always found this an incredibly difficult colour to wear. At Christmas, however, green is a nice choice to make if you don’t want to go for the stereotypical red, while still making people subconsciously associate you with the theme. The problem with wearing a green outfit is that people might not notice you because you blend into the Christmas tree. If you opt for some green accessories, however, you avoid this pitfall. Try a green statement necklace, or clutch bag, too add a pop of Christmas colour to your look.

Faux Fur

faux furWhen can you wear faux fur if not in winter? The danger with fur, however, is that you end up looking like one of Father Christmas’ reindeers. Again, this is when accessories are your best friend, a fur scarf or hat will keep you toasty, while simultaneously adding an air of sophistication to your Christmas apparel.



Grace Thorner


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