Day Seven: Gift Giving Guide

Still not sure what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Check out these fashion and beauty gift ideas to check off your list!

Fenty Beauty


Rihanna’s line of makeup is arguably the biggest name in beauty at the moment. Her foundations come in 40 different shades to ensure that everyone on your list can use it to glow like RiRi herself.

AMIKA: Polished Perfection Straightening Brush

Picture1.png 2


This product has great reviews and is perfect for those lazy mornings where you are running late to class. It straightens hair as it brushes to give a finish so sleek that everyone will know you did not wake up like this.




Silk Pillowcase

Picture1.png 3

Splashing out £79 on a pillowcase may seem a bit extreme until you consider the beauty benefits of sleeping on silk. Not only will you get a restful night’s sleep to help those post-exam eye bags, but silk fabric keeps your hair from fizzing and your skin soft.


NYX Professional Make Up Jet Set Travel Kit

Picture1.png 4This kit is a solid gift for any jet-setter. It’s a travel sized makeup kit that features primer, highlighter, brow gel, setting spray, finishing powder, eye shadow base and a primer spray. That’s seven gifts in one! Bonus: its currently on sale for £17.50 at ASOS so it won’t break the bank either.



Glossy Box

Picture1.png 5

Glossy Box is the gift that just keeps giving. It is a beauty subscription that delivers 5 products to your door every month! You can choose how long you want the subscription to last. A one month plan starts at just ten pounds, and a three month plan costs £28.50.


Dior: The Art of Color

Picture1.png 6


This book, featuring photography by Richard Burbridge, takes the reader through a colorful history of Dior cosmetics and their relation to the fashion industry. The photographs seem to pop off the page, and it will be the star addition to any coffee table.




Denim Laptop Bag

Picture1.png 7

Switch up the standard library look with a laptop bag that capitalizes on the denim trend. This chic bag will speak volumes in the silent section and always features enough room for pens and notebooks as well.




Kazi Cuff Bracelet

Picture1.png 8


This bracelet by Soko is the perfect way to give your friend a personalized gift for a good cause. The company aims to pioneer ‘ethical fast fashion’. They work with artisans to create beautiful pieces at budget friendly prices. This bracelet can be embroidered with the initials of you and a special person in your life.


Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Picture1.png 9

This scarf is a bit of a splurge, but it is a classic that you can keep forever. It comes in several different colors and the signature McQueen skull print is timeless and chic.


Zodiac Necklace

Picture1.png 10For you friend who is obsessed with checking their horoscope, consider this zodiac necklace from Uncommon Goods.






Isabel Quattlebaum

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