Day Two: Sequins

If you have been looking for a way to wear your summer heels during this Christmas period then I have the solution for you. Possibly the greatest invention ever to hit the Picture2.pnghigh street, knocked off its pedestal perhaps only by the introduction of sparkly underwear, it is the sparkly sock.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, but sparkly socks are so four years ago and yeah they were great but they are just socks and literally everyone has them, right? Well you’d be wrong. As seen at Gucci and available at ASOS right now, the return of the sparkly sock in its new improved form: the sequined sock.

Just in time for Christmas and the best pair of socks you could get in your stocking. These make festive party dressing the easiest thing in the world. Need to make your LBD more Christmassy? Don’t want to dress up too much but feel like you need to make some ode to the fact that it is Christmas? Your feet will be dancing all night in these.


Maybe its my love of sparkles or maybe the fact that I get cold feet very easily (not hard when you live in Scotland) but the re-appearance of sparkly socks has honestly made my week better. My Christmas wardrobe will feature a pair of these every day. It’s Christmas so we’re allowed to wear sparkles every day, otherwise what would be the point?

The absolutely best thing about them? You can wear them with every single pair of shoes you own. Peeping out the top of boots? Check. With trainers? Check. Even if they don’t go you can wear them underneath and surprise people when you take your shoes off. But most importantly of all you can now wear your favourite pair of summer heels all year round. No more, no I cant wear those to the ball because I’ll have to wear tights, just add a pair of these and you’ll be good to go.

Never have socks been more fun to wear and I mean seriously the easiest way to make any outfit that little bit more exciting. Pictured here are two pairs from ASOS and yes at £8.00 they are probably slightly more expensive than any normal pair of socks you mightASOS buy. But these are far from normal and will definitely not be the kind of socks you inevitably lose to the sock monster.

I bet you thought you’d never get compliments about a pair of socks. But here you have it, the best and only pair of socks to buy that have the power to completely refresh and add a little excitement to your winter wardrobe. The focal point of your Christmas party attire and the perfect gift for any fashion-loving friend.

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