This Year’s Top Beauty Advent Calendars

The lead up to Christmas, as a St Andrews student, is always made slightly bitter-sweet, as it can only begin alongside exams. Therefore, I am using this as the best excuse ever to spoil myself. These advent calendars are a great way to treat yourself through the grueling exam period, with something arguably more satisfying than a small block of chocolate, and a slightly squashed snowman, that don’t even taste nice.

This year, it seems like every brand is releasing one, all ranging in products and prices. So here is your guide to the best, and most student friendly, calendars of the year.

  1. ASOS (£55)

This advent calendar is packed full of products ranging from skincare, haircare, and makeup. Brands include NYX, St Tropez, Eyeko, and Smashbox. advent1

This is definitely worth the money, the products costing a lot more than what it is being sold for. This advent calendar even includes an ASOS Discount code, what more could a student dream of?

  1. Benefit Cosmetics (£34.50)

I don’t think you could find more of a steal than this. 24 mini products for only £34! To put it in perspective, a ‘they’re real!’ advent3mascara, at a full size, costs £20.50. We all know that minis of these kinds of products always seem to last forever, the Watts-Up highlighter probably lasting until next Christmas! This is a usual sell out, so get your hands on it quickly.



3. Ciate (£50) advent4

Moving away from makeup, this calendar offers a range of nail varnishes in various colours, as well as some nail toppers to add. These are also products which will last forever, and so, is great value for money. There are few better ways to procrastinate revising than painting your nails. This just gives you another excuse to do so.


  1. Soap and Glory (£40)

advent5This is another steal, with a huge range of products to open, covering all bases, from makeup to bath and shower products. What is needed more during exam week, than some time for pampering? This advent calendar can treat you to this every day. You may be stressed, but you will be smelling like a dream!


  1. The Bodyshop (from £45)

The Bodyshop are offering 3 different advent calendars this year, the Standard one (£45), a ‘Deluxe’ one (£65), and an ‘Ultimate’ one (£99). The standard one includes various minis of Bodyshop staples, ranging from shower gels, moisturisers, eyelash curlers and glitter. The more expensive calendars simply offer more expensive products, the Ultimate advent calendar transforming into a trivia quiz for Christmas Day. In my opinion, I don’t see the point in looking past the Standard one, it’s great value for money, and contains the classic products we are most likely to want to go in and buy anyway.advent7

Last but not least (especially budget wise), I couldn’t help myself:

  1. Clinique (£75)advent8

To throw a high end calendar into the mix, Clinique, in my opinion, was the best for its price. With ASOS priced at £55, with drugstore products included, this is amazing. There is pampering yourself in revision week, and then there is spoiling yourself, and this is the calendar to do it with. At the end of a long term, exams not finishing until almost, what feels like, a day before Christmas, this is something to help us through.

Just be warned though, once you’ve opened this calendar there is no going back, next years Christmas list is sure to be full of of your expensive Clinique discoveries you can’t let go of.

Suzie Rawling

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