The 5 Looks of Deadline Week

Deadlines are just around the corner, and most of the St Andrews population seems to have bunkered down in the library for the long haul. After a certain amount of time spent there, you may notice some trends amongst the outfits on show.  The only question is, which look will you be styling this year?

The cool, calm, and collected– Rocking up to the library with a perfectly matching outfit and impeccable makeup- these fashionistas look incredibly put together. One look at them, and you’ll be regretting your outfit choice of jeans and a t-shirt you found at the bottom of your laundry bag. Under their airbrushed surface however, simmers the stress that only deadline week can produce.

The gym goddess– They’ve been up since 6 am and burnt 500 calories before you can even say the word ‘breakfast’- or so they claim. However, as the suspicious absence of a gym membership indicates, these ‘gymholics’ are more likely to break a sweat revising than on the treadmill.

The procrastinator– You’ve barely noticed what they’re wearing because you’re so impressed by the plethora of pens, and hand-labelled Paperchase notebooks that lie before them, but don’t be fooled. After a while, you’re pretty sure they’ve had that Netflix tab open for three hours, and their stationary is lying untouched. The library-ready look of comfortable, yet chic, may suggest some intense study, but they’ve spent the entire time procrastinating by chatting to their friends about how stressed they are.

The hipster– Taste coffee balanced in one hand, green juice in the other, this look is perfectly accessorised with a beanie and a vintage bike. Flannel is optional but recommended.

The ‘It’s 3am but I have 5 essays due tomorrow and I’m running on espresso shots’– We can all relate to this look. Think pyjama bottoms, fluffy socks, and multiple layers of outerwear, if heating prices are anything to go by. This outfit is best accentuated by the neon glow of a desk lamp that highlights the coffee stained jumper they’ve probably been wearing too long.


Talia Maggs-Rapport

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