The Rise of the Funky Trousers

As a vertically challenged female, shopping for trousers is a challenge, to put it mildly! Trousers are normally always either too long and bunched up at the bottom, or they were too short and showed too much ankle in a way that was more school boy who’s outgrown my clothes, than a fashion statement. Before I found Topshop’s 32’’ Joni jeans, I almost never wore any form of trouser.

Since coming to university, however, I have started to wear trousers more and more often. Now I believe this is due to the rise of the funky trousers, and I must thank my flat mates for my introduction into this trend. The funky trouser is a way to look put together with ease, a great option for a day to night look, especially for the standard casual St Andrews night out, and an interesting alternative to the fail-safe, but a bit monotonous ‘jeans and a nice top’.

Pink trouserstrousers2trousers3









The phrase ‘funky trouser’ can apply to a bright block colour in any style. Wear these with a plain top with clean lines, and you will have added interest to your outfit with a pop of colour that highlight the trousers’ silhouette.

A formal style, is also an option that creates a smart day look, which can be updated to a night look with the edition of a blazer and some statement jewellery.

Then of course, there is the staple of the ‘funky trousers’ wardrobe, the printed pant. These are your saviour on a grey Scottish day when you want to bring some sunshine into your life, when you are bored of your muted colour palette, or when you just want to stand out in the fashion crowd.trousers7trousers8

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