In Defence of the Winter Beret


Berets, yes or no? Do I look too much like I am trying to be Blair Waldorf? Two questions I have asked myself recently. The answer to the first is yes, definitely. The second? Maybe, but who doesn’t want to look like Blair Waldorf, she is the ultimate style queen.

The trick to pulling off a beret is, as always, confidence. Embrace it and probably most importantly, don’t over-do it. Let it compliment your outfit but not over-shadow it. Or let it be the centre of attention. You can’t do both. Basically, just keep it simple and don’t think too much about it. Wear it when it feels right but berets hate being forced, their elegance prohibits it.

If you do it right a beret looks ultra-chic, slightly sultry (but in a good way) and adds that extra je ne sais quoi. Even better, the beret is the ultimate way to refresh your winter hat. Obviously, the classic beanie will never die but a beret is just as warm and can look so much more stylish, pulling your outfit together and giving you that winter-in-Paris, Hadid-sister effortlessness that every wardrobe craves when the cold months hit.

Need inspiration? Here are three berets under £20 that I think fit all the criteria.

beret3This asos number at £12.00 is a steal. Made of pure wool it is naturally warm and soft in an easy-to-wear to soft, subtle and sexy colour. The added embroidery adds sugar and a pinch of spice that transforms a nice-girl hat into the talking point of your outfit. Pair with minimalist, simply coloured clothes and it won’t let you down.



This hat has so much to say for itself. Topshop. Leather. £14. Totally Bella Hadid. Need I explain myself?

Wear with anything. It’s cool enough, simple enough and sexy enough to finish any outfit. I have one on its way to me right now. Get it before it sells out.

For something with that extra Parisian feel try this pearly beret from Zara that looks like beret2it would be worn by Coco Chanel herself. but costs a grin-worthy £15.99. Wear it simply and let it be the centre of attention. Red lips are a definite yes.

Flirtatious and seductive, certainly interesting and always, always classy. A beret can completely change your outfit and give it that boost you’ve been searching for. A magical hat if there ever was one and probably the easiest way in the world to cover up a bad hair day.

What are you waiting for?


Henrietta Easton



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