Dressing Up to Boogie Down


The success of last year’s inaugural Szentek event has St Andrews preparing for the sequel. On November 16th, Kinkell Byre will take on the atmosphere of the ruin bars of Budapest where, as the event advertises, anything goes. A quick look into the photos from last year shows a sea of sequins, bright colors, mesh, and generally wavy garms. Head of Events Will Abell provided a brief rundown of Szentek and his take on what to wear this year to maximize your boogie potential.

IQ: How would you describe Szentek?

Will Abell: Szentek is the night out most other UK universities get on the regular, but St Andrews doesn’t. It’s an arts and music event in which we aim to show an alternate side of the uni, one that isn’t orientated around countless balls and other such fancy events that I don’t personally really buy into. (We are) bringing some big names in the dance music world, some of which come straight from the infamous Berghain. We’re just trying to have a fun time really. So basically, it’s just a fun night, where people can listen to decent music and look at some really sweet art work. We wanted to put on a fun club night and ended up doing it on a big scale.

IQ: What can people expect from the event this year?

WA: We’ve got some really good stuff planned this year. In terms of setup, there will be several returning features that we hope our crowd from last year will be happy to see again and newcomers will enjoy. A cornucopia of tasty foods. Some absolutely sweet DJs from all across the UK and Europe. This year, in my opinion, is better than last year musically.  (There will be) some really cool art work, which will change Kinkell into something people will surely not have seen before.

IQ: How would you describe your personal style?

WA: I kind of go for a Homeless Heroin Pirate Chic. It’s fairly niche, but I enjoy it.

IQ: What did you wear to Szentek last year?

WA: I had on some baggy blue jeans, good for having a boogie. Some battered and tattered adidas skate shoes from years ago, again, ideal for a boogie. A fun Junglist T Shirt, and a long brown fur and suede coat thing for keeping warm when having a smoke.

IQ: What do you recommend wearing?

WA: It’s not often I get consulted on what to wear; refer to my previous answer on my personal style as to why this is. However, for Szentek, to be honest, the point is you can wear whatever you like, literally go wild. It’s all fun. My one piece of advice: stay movable for having a jive, not too warm but also not too cold if you’re a hefty smoker like myself.

Having attended this event previously, I agree that the dress code seems to be “go wild”. Last year’s Szentek fashion scene read as a mix of vintage threads and high street brands. An oversized denim jacket that rolled straight out of The Fresh Prince’s closet could easily be coupled with a Top Shop body suit. St Andrews, unfortunately, lacks both vintage stores and a proper high street. If you have a spare afternoon, a trip to Edinburgh could reveal some fruitful purchases. Check out W. Armstrong and Son, a vintage store in the Grassmarket, for some unique pieces. If you prefer to track down your outfits from the comfort of your own bed, the website Etsy is worth a surf. You can find vintage and homemade clothing and accessories from sellers all over the world.

Follow Will’s advice and keep your outfit comfortable. The last thing you want when you’re on the dance floor is to have to be continually adjusting your clothing. Layering is always a good idea for Kinkell affairs, where food stalls and smoking areas are often located outside. This is the event where you really can get crazy with what you wear. Its a night of self-expression, and it is encouraged that guests take advantage of that. Get wild, get wavy, and get phunky on what will surely be a night to remember.

Isabel Quattlebaum

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