This Season’s Best Coats for Student Life in St. Andrews

As winter gets closer, and the days get colder, buying yet another winter coat is finally justified. It’s the most anticipated buy for the season, and the very core of your winter wardrobe. The question is, which coat is worth investing in?

This seasons line-up is diverse, something for every style. I attempted to research which type of coat is best, and worth putting all my money towards.

Reviews were all very helpful for deciding what’s the most on trend, and what would keep my wardrobe looking the most current. Yet, all the coats that were recommended to me were designer, and ridiculously out of budget. The ones from the high street that suited the trends were just not suitable for those cold trips at 1am, walking back from the library in St Andrews. Is there a way to find a coat with a balance of being on trend, as well as being student friendly?

My solution was, instead of looking to the usual places, of magazines and the ‘New In’ section on Topshop’s website, or ASOS, I turned to look to the streets of St Andrews. I went out to find what was most popular among the students here, and if the balance between style and comfort had been found.

The most popular was clearly the duvet coat. Worn by guys and girls, the puffer coat lines the streets of St Andrews; every other person seems to own a variation of it.

suzie coats 2Suzie coats 1

Don’t be mistaken, these coats are not just for geography students (despite all the boys choosing to wear ones from North Face). With different styles, colours, lengths and materials, there are enough choices for anyone to find one they like. It is the perfect student coat, they go with huge amounts of outfits, are very warm, and easy to throw on. They might not be filling the runways, but they are filling the streets of universities everywhere.

Another coat seen worn by huge number of students, which is all over the runways, are fur coats. From Yeezy, to Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Topshop, they are everywhere. The trend seems to be vintage looking, basic and classic fur coats. However, St Andrews students have taken this trend, and run with it, wearing fur coats of all colours and sizes. Although, the most popular choice is short, furry coats from the likes of Zara and suzie coats 3Topshop. These coats are enough of a statement to complete a look, yet, wouldn’t overpower an outfit like a huge, vintage fur coat would. Teddy Bear coats are also regularly spotted. Like the fur trend, these are easy to style and extremely warm, also my personal favourite, and in my wishlist basket! The best affordable ones can be found at Urban Outfitters, Asos and River Island. suzie coats 4

Trench coats are a less popular option, however, no less on trend and no less suitable. Many people still choose these, in a variety of styles, suitable for any look. They are a classic coat, never going out of style, so arguably, the best investment out there. They are extremely practical, keeping you dry and protected from weathers of all kind, whilst retaining a put together look.

suzie coats 5This coat can be made even more on trend, by choosing it in plaid, resulting in the coat being more of a statement.

Now, I wouldn’t be giving an honest review of St Andrews’ most popular coats without mentioning the Barbour. Not the typical university student coat I was looking for, however, despite this, every student seems to own at least one, and it makes an appearance at every student event. It seems the single fits all occasions garment. Do I even need to elaborate?

Suzie Rawling

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