An Interview with Saint-LY

We caught up with Yasmin Gray and Nina Graham, co-founders of Saint-LY, a new makeup collective launching in St Andrews.


Yasmin (L) and Nina (R), co-founders of Saint-LY

(CC)- Here at Concrete Catwalk we’re always excited to hear about new creative enterprises. First things first, tell us more about Saint-LY.

(Nina)- So, Saint-LY is a makeup collective focussed on not only providing makeup application services for private events, balls, and catwalks, but also a space where people can openly discuss body confidence and positivity. We want people of all genders to be able to use makeup as a means of self-expression, even those who aren’t sure where to start.

(Yasmin)-  We’d also like to use Saint-LY to give back to the local community, hopefully using our funds to create essentials packs for the homeless.

saintly 2(CC)- Where did the name come from?

(N)- Yas was the one who came up with the original idea, and I thought it sounded great.

(Y)- We wanted something that celebrated body positivity amongst St Andrews students, so we chose the name Saint-Love Yourself. When we leave St Andrews, we’d like to have set up a community that promotes self-confidence.

(CC)- When did you guys get into makeup?

saintly 3
Starfields makeup by Saint-LY

(Y)- I must have been about 12, I used to steal my mum’s makeup!

(N)- I was probably about the same age, I don’t want to think about the makeup faux-pas I used to make!

(CC)- Time for some quick questions, let’s start with the best way to transition a look from day to night?

(N)-  Lipstick!

(Y)- Eyeliner, or maybe lashes, they’re so versatile- they transform even the simplest eye makeup into a standout look.

(CC)- If you were stuck on a desert island, which item would you bring with you?

(N)- I’m going to go with mascara- a little bit of sunshine might do my skin good, so I wouldn’t worry about foundation!

(Y)- I’d pick foundation actually, I think it’s one of the things you couldn’t make from what would already be there.

(CC)- What’s your favourite makeup brand for student budgets?

(N)- In St Andrews’ Boots, Bourgeois for foundation.

(Y)- I’d say NYX, their palettes and lipsticks are really good.

(CC)- So how can people get involved with Saint-Ly?

(N)- The easiest way to get in touch is to drop us an email or message our Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to get more people involved.

(Y)- We’ve had so much interest from Fresher’s Fayre, that we’re planning a taster session to give people an idea of what Saint-LY is all about.

(N)- We’re also working on a monthly email, with makeup advice tailored towards students in St Andrews. Again, message us to sign up to that. Watch this space, we’ve got some great things coming!

To get in touch with Saint-Ly:

Instagram: @saint.l.y

Facebook: Saint-Ly


Talia Maggs-Rapport and Grace Thorner




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