How Stranger Things Has Changed the Fashion Game

Stranger Things season 2 returns on Friday 27th October, and I can’t wait. From pop culture references and 80s nostalgia, to conversing with Christmas lights, Netflix has once again pulled it out of the bag with this original thriller. But the impact of this show is far more wide-reaching than the television screen. Stranger Things has extended its  influence to the fashion world as well.


Let’s start with the series itself. Undoubtedly, the 80s Americana style is one of the best aspects of Stranger Things. Frilly blouses, striped turtlenecks, and corduroy jackets abound. The fashion of Stranger Things is by no means reserved for the characters themselves. These looks, and many more from the show, are popping up all over the sartorial scene (including Barb’s classic mom jeans).

In homage to Stranger Things, Topshop is releasing a capsule collection to go alongside season 2, as well as screening the first episode in its Oxford Circus store. Surely the attention of a major high street brand is indication enough that Stranger Things has taken the fashion world by storm?

Outside of the show, the cast have become synonymous with style in the public eye. Millie Bobby Brown is perhaps the most notorious example of this. With an Instagram following of 4.4 million (and counting), she provides daily fashion inspiration for her fans, as well as working with brands from Calvin Klein to Converse.


So, is the rise of series like Stranger Things changing fashion for good? There has been an indisputable increase of fashion merchandise recently, with branded collections and collaborations from Kanye, to Rihanna, to, indeed, Stranger Things, proving to be the hot ticket items of the fashion world. Maybe an increasing fusion of fashion, entertainment and popular culture is the key to these successes. Fashion is moving outside of its previously distinct bubble, and taking influence from other creative sources.

Overall, Stranger Things is clearly a game-changer in the fashion industry. Whilst the show may look to the past, its influence is visibly rooted in the present, and there has been no better time for an entertainment-based inspiration to hit the high street. As for me, I’ll be channelling my inner Barb for the season 2 premiere (albeit minus the oversized specs).

Talia Maggs-Rapport


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