Why You Have Nothing to Wear

We’ve all been there, you’ve got 5 minutes to make the 10-minute journey to your lecture, tutorial, or party, and you’re still sat on your bedroom floor surrounded by a pile of clothes, running your hands through your hair, mascara streaming down your face crying: “I’ve got nothing to wear!”.

As the semester gets busier, deadlines get closer, and the weather gets greyer, this seems to happen more frequently.

Here are three reasons why this happens, and solutions to your problems:

You’re shopping without thinking

“An extra 30% off misguided? Yes please I’ll buy that sparkly unitard, I’ll wear it all the time!” Or “Oooooh I love this skirt, it’ll look great with that crop top!” Sound familiar? Now we all, especially students, love a sale. But it’s not really saving money when you buy something you wear once, or can only wear in one outfit.  The problem with not thinking things through when shopping is that you leave yourself open to impulse purchases, and often impulsive decisions can lead to regrets (and less closet space).

So, to stop yourself from making impulse buys, ask yourself this: Could I make at least two completely different outfits with this piece? And if it’s a sale item: Would I buy this at full price?

You have more trend items than staples

No one can pull off a fur coat, glitterati boots, a retro hat, and plaid at the same time, meaning that having more trend items than staples can make it very difficult to put together an outfit. As Michael Kors said: “70 per cent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 per cent should be icing and fluff—that’s colour, pattern, shine, and accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way around, then can’t figure out why they can’t get dressed.”

Now, what constitutes the meat and potatoes? These are timeless pieces, such as jeans, a white shirt, or a little black dress. These items don’t have to be boring, a pair of statement shoes are definitely a staple item. When you have these pieces, it is easy to pair them with a trend to create an interesting outfit that makes you feel good.

You’re stuck in a rut

Maybe you haven’t committed the first two wardrobe sins, but you still can’t find anything to wear. So, what’s the problem? You’re stuck in a style rut. A style rut is just like a lifestyle rut, you get sick of the same old, same old, and that’s only natural. This doesn’t mean you must buy an entirely new wardrobe. Challenge yourself; try making an outfit out of the first three things you pull out your wardrobe, make a party dress more casual by putting a plain t-shirt under it, wear an all-black outfit one day and then see how much you’re drawn to colour the next. Remember too, you have a communal wardrobe, borrow something from one of your friends! Different clothes look completely different on different people, so don’t worry about people thinking your friends all wear the same clothes. In addition, by rifling through someone else’s wardrobe you can get plenty of style inspiration!

Grace Thorner


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