Why we should have paid more attention to New York Minute

I’ll admit it, the other night I rewatched a classic from my childhood: New York Minute. This may be Olsen twins at their collective peak; 18 years old, hilarious, perfect no-fuss tousled blonde hair, and every young girl’s idol. This list of adjectives however may be improved upon with the addition of ‘fashion icons’.

I must have been around 7 or 8 when this film first came out, and thus I was perhaps more preoccupied by the high-jinks and heartthrob male characters than the fashion. However, upon the second-time viewing I am stunned by the importance of their clothing throughout this film. This film is supposed to happen in its entirety in around 5 hours, and yet features maybe five or six outfit changes for the twins each? As if this diva attitude to strutting around New York (or running around in a towel in that famous scene) wasn’t enough, the clothes themselves are actually on point.

New-York-Minute 1

Obviously, the fact that either twin represented both the extremes of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ was hardly subtle, despite this however, these outfits are equally iconic (bring back the boyish slanty hat!!). In fact, this hat is back – check out ASOS to get your very own Roxy Ryan cap. Or, if Jane Ryan was/is more your spirit animal, head to Missguided to pick up a blush-pink blazer, perfect for giving a speech to obtain a potential scholarship to Oxford!

Whoever made innerwear outerwear might have had the Olsen twins in mind; running around NYC in their towels/robes made this film and proved that they could look good even in cotton and slippers.

NEW york minute towel.jpg

(Did they also maybe invent carrying round mini-dogs? Or shall we leave the credit for that one to Paris Hilton?)

On a more serious note, the final outfits the pair put on are so on-trend it’s almost baffling: why wasn’t I paying more attention in 2004?

new-york-minute- 3.jpeg

Roxy’s two-piece velvet trouser suit is something to behold. Leopard print is very in and I’m convinced this is the perfect autumn coat. (Also, let’s not forget that they stole a taxi which had a leopard print steering wheel cover, how chic.)

ASOS leopard

ASOS has a similar idea, in millennial pink no less, that hints in the same way at the important of leopard print.

Mango velvet

This Mango number is the perfect transition coat from Autumn into Winter – the velvet screams Christmas. It’s also available in yellow, which brings me on to perhaps the most important fashion moment from the entire movie: Jane Ryan’s knee high yellow boots. (see picture above).

Dubbed as ‘Gen-Z’ yellow, it is the new millennial pink and it’s everywhere, even back in time, when Ashley Olsen gave us serious boot envy. Get your very own pair of yellow boots from Zara:

Zara Yellow

Pair all of these outfits with seriously fun accessories from the 2000s (big hoops, bling, hair clips), and you have New York Minute’s iconic encapsulation of adolescence. These outfits were not only cool as anything then, but have seemingly aged tremendously also.

Rachel Brown

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